nichijou 4

“Could you stop being so clingy?!”


“Dame desu!”

“Professor hasn’t said anything yet!”




(The only way this scene could be more perfect is if we can work Hosaka into the father figure role.)

Bar none, my favorite scene of the episode. One, it’s hilarious. Two, it’s hilarious to see Yukko’s various expressions. Three, it’s hilarious to see Mai troll Yukko so badly. Four, it’s exactly what I imagined if I had to think of a slice-of-life 4-koma school girl anime parodying Twilight Zone’s famous Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. I couldn’t stop laughing; my sides were hurting.

(Twilight Zone is a vastly underrated show. Still gives me the creeps and was way ahead of its time in terms of storytelling. Also underrated? Watching Nightmare at 20,000 Feet just now… just finally realized that the guy is Shatner giving, arguably, his finest performance.)

Okay, five, the double 0: face.

“If you say that, I might like you more.”

I think Mai’s hobby is just to troll Yukko. There’s just so many things to like for this scene as well. One, it’s hilarious. Two, it’s hilarious to see Mai so nonchalantly read her double books as Yukko is totally confused and flustered. Three, it’s hilarious to see Mai troll Yukko so badly after Yukko just got trolled by Mai. Four, so many possible “I want to sparkle~” jokes to be made. Has “I want to sparkle~” become the new go-to phrase to imply schoolgirl x schoolgirl luvin’ like how “Nice boat!” is used to imply some yandere issues? I hope so.

(At first, I thought Mai was reading from some erotic novel by Jiromaru.)

“I see you as someone of the opposite sex…”

Not sure if this is a come on, insult, compliment, or a bit of everything for poor Yukko. I would say, five, gotta enjoy how Mai can manipulate her own emotions to manipulate others. I can imagine a theoretical Japanese presidential battle in 2020 with Mai squaring off against K-On!’s Nadoka.

(Also I enjoyed Mai’s “I hate being lied to more than anything” line since she’s just a big bag of lies herself. In other worlds, Mai is definitely qualified to be politician.)

Beginning to think that Nichijou is nothing but trolling Yuko. I guess “Everybody Trolls Yukko Plus Nano and Professor Fun Time” isn’t as awesome of a title as “Nichijou“.

(I really enjoyed “Everybody Hates Kyubey” though.)

I can’t get Keima out of my head whenever Sasahara is on-screen. It has to be that ruffled handkerchief masquerading as a bid/gentlemen flair. I also don’t see how eating while walking is a moral violation… I would be more worried about Mio sexting topless images to Sasahara. I would also be more worried if that’s red wine he has there.

Or the girl with the weapon stash. Are we planning to ship Tachibana to Libya to help overthrow Gaddafi?

“I can’t believe how fun this is!”

Oh Sakamoto-san… weird that I saw this post pop up in my rss about an hour after watching this episode? Erasers! Genius!

I won’t lie. I spent half an hour today going over Hyadain’s old videos; this FF6 one got me hooked. Dude is a genius. I hope he is post-processing his voice because if he is not, I’m sending his entry in for Thailand’s Everyone’s Got Talent so he can compete against that epic trap.

Peer pressure and shopping never turns out well. Also not turning out well? Going to Costco. 48 rolls of toilet paper?! Only $9.99?! Score! Come home… just to realize it’s the rough, scratchy kind. Doh!

(The tantrum Professor throws? Accurate. I guess when adorable anime characters throw a bit like that in a store, it’s adorably cute. If it’s someone else’s not-so-adorable kid, you’re gawking like you’re witnessing a four car pile up. If it’s your not-so-adorable-should-really-do-her-homework kid, you’re going through a billion different feeling, just none of them are “adorable”.)

But Professor is too adorable! Nano eventually breaks down and buys her snackii… and Professor rewards us with a picture of a snowman! Obviously, this is a schematic for some world-conquering device. Cyborg snowmen… with missiles hiding in fez hats… riding sharks with lasers! Unstoppable.

“I refuse to have shaved ice for dinner.”

Sakamoto-san does get the short end of the stick. Though I think most kids would be thrilled to have shaved ice for dinner… just funny how everyone in the store was fighting over a $1.25 snowman, and Nano is just letting it melt in the sun now.

When Sakamoto-san (I’m using proper honorifics! Woot!) tasted the umeboshi, I kept thinking of the happy >_< face Kozue-chan would make when she tasted one.

(I don’t think umeboshi actually stops the food from spoiling faster. Maybe helps protects the food it is on since it is so salty, but I can’t imagine it helping a whole bento. I think it’s on a bed of rice to make it look more like a Japanese flag more than any other reason.)

The best laid plans of mice and men (and cats) are foiled by seven year old girls.

(If Professor is seven and Nano is one, that means Professor invented Nano when Professor was six. I have so many questions about this… but I guess one will just do for now, “Where are her parents?”)

I… I… adorable! Three MVPs…

1. Mai. The Kyubey of Nichijou.
2. Snowman-san.
3. Hyadain.

15 Responses to “nichijou 4”

  1. Professor is 8, I guess…

  2. I regret not trolling everybody during exams like Mai does…

  3. Favourite moment – Mai’s re-enactment of the “Creation of Adam” scene on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Awesome wtf.

  4. Who’s Nadoka?

  5. Fashion Czar analysis: I am going to guesstimate that 90% of the clothing featured in Hyadain’s PV was purchased from American Apparel. Miss A’s video? 100% American Apparel. Clearly all of AA’s advertisements featuring ass shots have paid for themselves.

  6. @Joe4evr: I believe he meant to say Nodoka.

  7. Snowman-san is so cute haha.

  8. The balance of cute to trolling seems to tip each episode. Its the cultural/pun based jokes that seem to be extremely hit and miss. Sakerai-sensei is just too cute though in being overwhelmed by everything.

  9. “For his own songs, he provides all the voices, male and female, with the help of a digital voice modifier.”

    You’re welcome.

  10. Mai is an awesome troll. Great handiwork there. As for the Professor’s parents, surely she has none and invented herself. From scratch. To do this, she first had to invent the universe, but that’s just child’s play.

  11. Wouldn’t that make her the daughter of Haruhi? Come to think of it, this world is like one created by Haruhi Suzumiya…it isn’t boring. And while there don’t seem to be time travelers, there could easily be aliens and espers….plus robots, talking cats, large explosions, extremely over dramatice actions, and the Professor.

  12. It has to be that ruffled handkerchief masquerading as a bid/gentlemen flair.

    So that’s what it is. I was excited, then frustrated when she asked him and he blew her off.

    And no, it’s just the bid. It’s the personality.

  13. Actually, now that I’m looking for it I can’t find any other reference to what a bad/gentleman flair actually is. Anyone have a wikipedia link or something?

  14. Fashion Czar Strikes Back: for those of you curious about Sasahara & Keima’s strange collar flair, let it be know that they are both wearing ruffled ascots. Popular in both colonial and victorian times. Also, briefly revitalized during the 70’s. Purchase your own fabulous neck accessory here~

  15. As great as the Nichijou OP is, after watching it dubbed over with “Straight Outta Compton”, I can’t watch it any other way:

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