nichijou 15

“She’s a robot! A ro-bot!”

Love how Nano is trolling Yuko (and Mio) despite how Nano isn’t trying to troll. Couldn’t stop laughing when she whipped out her abacus and then starts failing to use it. Oh Professor, you built roll cakii into Nano but not a CPU? More hilariously, if she can’t do simple addition and division, how the hell did she get into high school? Aren’t there entrance requirements? Wouldn’t Nano get placed in the remedial class?

(Though you could argue that this is the remedial class since Yuko’s in it. Natch.)

So cute. That’s exactly how I picture my robots. That or catlike creature without ears plus a magical pouch. Or a tri-colored, ten story walking pillar of death that can dodge lasers… with a mustache.

(Isn’t Nano technically an android? As androids are robots built to resemble humans? Would Nano crack anime’s top ten androids list? Mahoro would have to be #1 right? You’re just not topping a combat meido with breast missiles. Would Chii even make this list?)

Best part of this interstitial is the huge time leap involved. The previous ones have all occurred in roughly the course of one day, but this one involved kids growing up. I like how the city sprung up behind the statue, but the statue hasn’t changed. I would be bro-fisting and high-fiving too. Oh, who am I kidding? I would be tweeting and spamming Google+.

“One day, I’ll make her mine.”


So many things wrong with the science teacher. Wait, is Nichijou advocating date rape?! She tried to roofie Nano! How is this an acceptable plot for such an all-ages anime? I guess the alternative is the Star Trek TNG plot where the guy who wanted Data (as badly as this teacher wanted Nano) tried to get Data via a Federation court. Ah, lawyers and androids and android law. Feels like an upcoming Mark Paul Gosselaar drama for TNT. We know drama.

(Speaking of Star Trek, why is TOS, TNG, Voyager, and Enterprise on Netflix but not DS9? I find this just as rageworthy as Netflix jacking up prices and claiming that they are “Offering our lowest prices ever!”. Sigh. Dear Kids, Monopolies are bad. Signed, Me.)

And then she tried to taser Nano?! What the fuck? Roofies and electro-shock in the same episode? What next? She is going to try to get Nano to drink some wine coolers and smoke some weed? Chloroform Nano? “Nano, if you want to pass this test, I suggest you start taking off your shirt.” What next?

When I first saw this scene, I was like, “Professor built tentacles into Nano? Win!”

The thirty second romance of this scene was better than 14 of the new shows this season. And that may be a conservative estimate.

Come on, almost perfect… Professor should have greeted Nano by spinning around in her evil genius chair stroking Sakamoto-san. All evil geniuses need adjustable height spinning chairs plus evil fat cats. Somehow, I get the feeling Nano is just a prototype in Professor’s plan of world conquest. I just don’t know if Professor is going to invent Sky Net or turn into a Dr Wily-esque robot master.

(Oh please robot master route. I can imagine Professor inventing Shark Man [duh], Cakii Man, Strawberry Milk Man, and Troll Man, and only Professor’s failed experimental robot– Nano– can stop her reign of terror. Sakamoto-san would then be the huge mecha Professor pilots. Tell me this isn’t a wonderful idea.)

Couldn’t stop laughing. Professor and Nano are awesome.

Loved his “Yes! No! Baka!” Ah, high school love~

And this scene… awesome. The back and forth was fantastic especially with Annaka resigned to drawing in poor Mohawk’s eyes. Poor Annaka cannot stop being trolled intentionally or unintentionally.

Nano whines about her key as much as…

A. Republicans whine about how much the rich get taxed.
B. Typical harem male lead whines about being unlucky with ladies.
C. Me whining about all the terrible shows every new season.
D. All of the above.

Three MVPs…

1. Nano.
2. Professor.
3. Annaka.

14 Responses to “nichijou 15”

  1. Nano has a huge storage capacity for food products it seems.
    And Sakamoto-san wouldn’t indulge the Professor…her lap isn’t big enough to be comfortable. Also he prefers Nano…I guess all those cooking appliances she’s carrying generate enough heat for a cat.

  2. Oh, and is that Pluto still on the Science Teacher’s chart of the Solar System? Or do modern deplays show all the Dwarf Planets now as well of the main planets?

  3. Mai was awesome this episode. Watching her show up nonchalantly with a video camera had me in stitches.

  4. “Or do modern deplays show all the Dwarf Planets now as well of the main planets?”
    When is the last time you saw a NEW poster in a highschool science lab? Nearly all posters used would be as old as the building itself, put there in the first year when the place was built, and would never be changed until the place is demolished.

  5. Sakamoto-san would be the Blues to Nano’s Rock. He’s already got the scarf and the attitude.
    That new OP just gets more perfect every time I watch it. Anyone else notice Nano’s tiny twintails?

  6. Seems like your in a anime rut at the moment, all Nichijou, all the time?

  7. ^^Hey, Nichijou isn’t all bad. Sure it means everyday pretty much, but I like it. Lotsa humor. :D

  8. You know Sacred Seven is more Code Geass with maid armies right Jason? MAID ARMIES!!! They’ve upgraded the bridge bunnies from Code Geass making them more plentiful and more properly dressed.

  9. The Nakamura tasering mohawk boy scene was very funny…until I realised how unfunny it would’ve been if she actually tasered Nano instead.

  10. A pick for Annaka as MVP.

    I just like Akari/Tsukasa/Annaka.

  11. Nano is, specifically, a gynoid, not an android.

  12. Mai is with Mugi on something “Skinship”.

  13. Oh well no more space shuttles ever but at least we can send robots into spaaaacccceeee!!!!!!!!!!! play it cool here come the space cops!

  14. Poor Annaka, the universe and the fate plot to troll her.
    But, anyways, she´s awesome!

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