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The proper attire.

I am enjoying the recent arcs in Hanasaku Iroha. I feel like the show works better in double episode story lengths or longer, and it definitely is a show that benefits from the time necessary to flesh out some stories. In the narrative sense, it is like Dennou Coil, which had really great multi-episode arcs and really weak single episode stories.

I do like that they (hopefully) got rid of Ko. He was a drag on the earlier stories, and he just wasn’t a good fit pining for Ohana the whole time with Ohana occasionally checking her phone. Seriously, how many teenaged girls do you know check their texts like twice a week. Ohana, of course, is destined to enjoy a Mugi x Mio type romance with Nakochi. Kidding. Maybe. Kind of. *crosses fingers*

I also do like that the show is back to Ohana being a poor girl’s Onizuka. She is attacking dysfunction with her own style and righting wrongs in her own way. This is vital to whether or not Hanasaku becomes a mediocre show, a good show, or a great show. It’s all on Ohana’s shoulders, and Ohana saving Yosuke’s ass was classic Ohana.

Still, I have gripes in that the show feels so 1990-ish. When the town (seriously, what town would has three teenaged girls as their test panel) asks Minko, Nakochi, and Ohana what a “modern” inn needs, none of them answered “wifi”. Disappointing. I would also toss in deep tissue massages, birdwatching tours, and French meido outfits.

And we don’t have enough fanservice. We didn’t even get Nakochi on the beach! PA Works… you’re not Kyoto Animation. You can’t give up huge advantages like putting Ohana and Nakochi in the hot springs or on the beach at every opportunity. It’s like giving at bats away.

Nonetheless, I am enjoying the show (maybe not writing about it weekly helps), and whether they sparkle or fest it up, they need to do more.

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  1. I prefer her mother. And as for what else the inn needs… I vote for more crazy, of the entertaining kind. Not the axe murderer kind.

  2. I prefer Ohana, Nako and Minko in a threesome.

  3. Her mom would probably wear that for fun. There you go.

  4. When this show tried to bring story to the foreground, it really does it dreadfully. The two part Ohana goes back to the city arc felt extremely contrived and artificial. The whole review process from the last two episodes meant nothing, because the reviews were actually written by someone who’d never been there? And published despite both that, and that reviewers really were sent to these places? And the writer just so happened to be Ohana’s mum? And that the movie from the latest one wouldn’t turn out to be what everyone hoped. Obvious from about 2 minutes in to everyone except the characters.

    So as you said, it falls to the characters to be the saving grace of the show. The Ohana-Minchi-Nakochi interactions are the best part of it. How the story was used in the inn the main cast visited was good, it was just used to put the characters in a certain situation and have them react to it (and provide a chance for Ohana and Yuina to get friendly). I’d really like it if we were shot of Ko. But they will bring him back for some more unnecessary melodrama, no question.

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