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Before we go balls deep into the new season, it looks like Shaft is going to finish animating the remaining novels of Monogatari. Holy shit. This is good news. There are ten novels left after Kizumonogatari, and it’s smart to finish off the franchise when the iron’s hot. Now it’s just a race to see who finishes first… Kyoto with Haruhi (ha!) or Shaft with Monogatari. It’s like watching McGuire and Sosa in their primes, fully ‘roided up.

Also, in a move that surprises no one, Aniplex picks up Bakemonogatari. Aniplex goes for the high end stuff that they know will sell vs. Sentai who just picks up all the table scraps that fall on the floor. I just wonder if Aniplex will go with the ridiculous high pricing of Fate/Zero or the high pricing of Madoka. Or be sensible about it. Nah…

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  1. best news I’ve heard all season!

  2. It’s no contest. Look at how long it took for S2 of Haruhi – SHAFT will finish the series and be halfway through the next hot property before Haruhi S3 gets eight episodes done.

    As for pricing, I expect super-high pricing due to Nadeko and Mayoi being risky material.

  3. “FUCK YEAH!,” I said with a posed look.

  4. Awesome, more super-expensive Blu-Rays for me to not buy.

  5. Woohoo,now that’s good news. I hope they do it faster than kyoto and haruhi( 2 tv series and one movie in in 8 year)

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