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And that is what we call a ‘rock’.


“I’m reporting what really srsly happened to me! Mai waifu, who was only 2D, became 3D and fell from the sky!”

Frau is awesome. While Kai and Aki are passable leads, Robotics;Notes‘ real stars are Frau and Subaru. And, sadly, they are not in the show enough. Kai and Aki are kinda awkward as a romantic pairing, but Kai and Frau seems, oddly, more workable. It doesn’t help that Aki is too preoccupied with robots and her sister to notice anything else going on.

(Subaru… he always elicits a laugh when he shows up as Mr. Plesides. He would be perfect for the joke of a show that Syfy’s Robot Combat League is. Why can’t we go back to Battlebots? Just ban wedges.)


The plot is a bit cheesy, but it’s feel good, and it’s burning robot. Whatcha expect? The anime is named “Robotics;Notes” and features burning hot robot action. There’s no show out right now that is better for a marathon session than the remainder of Robotics;Notes. Watching a single episode just makes me want more. It is in its home stretch; it should be this way for a 2 cours dramatic series.


Zero reason why the plane had to crash land the way it did. Why were the pilot? Why weren’t there any landing gear extended? What the heck? Trying to inject some Die Hard nonsense into my anime?


“Justice always wins!”

I liked Aki’s burning hot speech. Robotics;Notes should have been a sports anime crossed with a burning robot anime, and it didn’t really need any harem or conspiracy trimmings. Like you wouldn’t watch the exploits of a rags to riches robot club climbing through the ranks? It has almost the perfect setup for a sports anime too– the passionate leader (Aki), the dark horse (Kai), the established star (Subaru), the wild card (Frau), and the novice (Junna). And then the second cours addition: Airi. Wouldn’t you rather see typical sports anime tribulations than Kai half-heartedly going through each haremette’s arc? And like each arc would deal with the robotics club trying to beat another robotics clubs? It would be a combination of Umisho, Initial D, Kuroko, and the rugby episode of Fumoffu.


I’m not sure how much help random high schoolers and candy makers would be, but definitely JAXA engineers are key. Between this show and Space Bros, why all the sudden pro-JAXA propaganda? Are they trying to make us believe all that stands between us and CERN (SERN?) is JAXA? And a plucky group of high school kids, of course.


Also, if Misaki had all that firepower, organization (how the hell did they find so many faceless, willing underlings… at least in The Dark Knight, Joker bribed his elite henchmen with money… oh wait, not really). If she had such a powerful support organization lead by Kou behind her, why not, oh, hijack a nuclear submarine? Or a real missile site? Maybe it might be difficult to compromise a NATO or JDF one, but Russia? We make movies about Russian military equipment getting stolen all the time.

(Okay, I guess they would assume a random JAXA site would be less defended than a Russian base? Come on. If they watched any Space Bros, they would know JAXA is an uplifting, inspiring bunch that can never lose. And they have vicious crime-fighting pugs on site. Not only that, this JAXA site apparently has some elite counter agent as well as high school students building a burning passion giant robot. You never want to fuck around with high school students building a burning passion giant robot. That should be lesson number one for all aspiring anime villains.)

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  1. If I were the evil anime villain fighting in Robotics;Notes, I would get better at Kill-Ballad first.

  2. As to why the plane had to do a crash landing, it might have to do with how degraded the old airport is now. Having the landing gear hit random potholes might be worse than a controlled crash landing. I remember seeing that in a movie. Couldn’t find any actual facts doing a google search. Can’t think of the right terms for the search.

    And they are going to take on a state-of-the-art military robot with glorified go-kart equipped with a Battlebots-inspired pile driver? This will be interesting.

  3. I gotta say, at the beginning of the series, Frau was almost painful to watch in her “I am a hikikomori doing hikikomori things”, but lately she’s been on a roll as one of the most likeable characters in the series.

    I have to laugh at the magnetic monopoles thing though. “We have made the scientific discovery of the century. Let us tell no one and instead use our findings to power a giant robot”.

  4. I woulda watched the hell out of a Robotics:Notes Sports anime, where they build and pilot a giant combat robot in tourney style battles all the way to the top. I’m still watching, but it’s a struggle sometimes (like when Kai’s doing anything by himself or with Airi, it’s crazy boring)

    How can you not like Robot Combat League? The problem is the name – it should have been called “8 Foot Tall Rock-Em Sock-Em Robots” as opposed to something that sounds like they actually build and control actual robots.

  5. i’m just hoping we get at least one episode of nae kicking everyone’s ass in bike shorts.

  6. Once I heard it was another conspiracy show, I lost all interest in checking this one out. An amateur robot sports fighting anime would be awesome, though. I would watch that.

  7. Robot sports anime… Angelic Layer. Nuff Said.

  8. Expounding on what MacrossFan said, planes need runways with perfectly smooth Tarmac or asphalt to safely land or liftoff. This is because the landing gears simply cannot cover enough of the plane’s weight by surface area to provide sufficient leeway for correcting stability. If you’ve driven on even mildly cracky or rocky road, you know how bumpy and shaky it can be. Now imagine if your wheels were placed in the center of your car rather than to the sides. Suddenly it looks as though even the tiniest disturbance can topple your car and this is precisely what a plane has to deal with. Its balance hangs by a thread, and should the landing gear strike some debris or a pothole, especially at high speeds, the plane could crash on its nose, killing everyone.
    This is why runways need constant sweeping and inspection to ensure there are no flaws or debris on the surface, and why no pilot in his right mind would drop the landing gear on a runway he knows hasn’t been maintained for years.

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