best of 2013: #1

A way.


#1: KILL la KILL

Also wins for 2013:

  • Best Make It Work Moment
  • Most Fashion Forward
  • Best Use of Life Fibers Thoughtfully
  • Most Thankful Mood
  • Best Team Challenge
  • Least Amount of Pockets
  • Best Construction
  • Saddest Auf Wiedersehen

Trigger’s inaugural work is blog好き’s #1 for 2013. What can I say that I haven’t covered already? The show is crazy excellent. It has everything: immersive worldbuilding, fanservice, comedy, action, rivalries, a fucking symphony, great music, ridiculous fights, catchphrases up the wazoo, fanservice, a pug, driving lessons, glowing nipples, bodies sliced into two, mystery croquettes, fanservice, magical girl transformation sequences, butlers, feelings, bat shit crazy, and fanservice. It. Has. It. All.

But the most important thing? The show is fun. It never takes itself seriously, and it constantly is asking its viewers, “ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET?! NO?! HERE, HAVE MORE FUN!” I think that’s something a lot of shows forget about. They are too concerned about being too cool for school or want to be edgy or are just plain and boring. Just by watching the show, you can tell that the team at Trigger had a lot of fun making KILL la KILL, and the show reflects that. This is my favorite genre of anime. “Fun.” Sure, there’s giant mecha, shounen action, harem, and others, but none quite take the cake as “fun.” You only see it once in a while, where the planets and life fibers align, and the studio and the source material and the music and the seiyuu and even the audience combine to make a ridiculously fun show. Don’t ever lose your way.


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  1. Yes! Not Free! Kill la kill deserves it too.

  2. Don’t forget it also wins Best Hallelujah Scenes. Also, dayum Ryuuko looks pretty pimp in that pic. And once I noticed Gamagoori’s just offscreen, it just makes her even more pimp.

  3. I believe Trigger’s inaugural work is Little Witch Academy. Like Kill, it was a lot of fun. They did a successful Kickstarter to increase the length and put it on BD.

  4. Definitely, the main point is the production team just cut loose. I’m amazed that they even came up with theories like Kamuis exposing the maximum amount of skin to prevent life fiber takeover without compromising synchronization with the wearer. But then even those explanations were inconsequential in the grand scheme of wackiness.

  5. Eh? This counts as a 2013 show despite only just finishing? Totally happy with that though, it’s certainly the best show I’ve seen in ages, for pretty much exactly the reasons you posted.

  6. You forgot “Best Recap Episode” and “Best improvisation”: Satsuki’s epic scream at the end when she was to catch Ryuuko wasn’t written in the script: Ryouka Yuzuki threw it in during recording because she thought Satsuki would be screaming her sister’s name as she tried to save her.

  7. I didn’t think KLK would count. I also agree with this show being #1 I really thought this would be a top contender for 2014 but eh.

  8. Also wins for “Most in need of a Gamagoori and Mako dayto OVA”.

  9. “Best Scissor Sisters”

  10. This show definitely pushed me back into wanting to actively follow anime again. It was the perfect storm, really. Many props to Trigger.

  11. Wait…I like this choice but I’m rescinding my earlier comment. I don’t think kill la kill should even count as last years winner. My reasoning for this is that it is pretty much a fall and winter anime it lasted well into 2014. So it should be Ineligible for the 2013 spot and should go against the 2014 shows. I dont want to say anything against it but I still think that if anything there should not be a #1 for the year of 2013

  12. Samurai Flamenco was definitely more fun than kill la kill.

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