amagi brilliant park 3, 4

“The shirt off of my back.”


“My skills terrify even me!”

I am beginning to think Kanie is both the hero that Amaburi needs and deserves right now. His management style makes him seem like a horrifying amalgamation of Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Billy Mays, and Walt Disney. The only parallel to Kanie this season? That’s right– Cross Ange‘s Ange. Both leads are tossed into a situation that neither wanted any part of, coerced by guns and fists. Both then, within a span of three episodes, do a complete 180 and toss themselves fully into this endeavor. And both are savants that make others around them look bad. Plus, both leads are constantly surrounded by caricatures in costumes and scantily clad ladies.

(Best thing about Amaburi? It is not letting up. Started fast and keeps going fast. Moffle would be Vin. Kanie would be Paul. Isuzu can be The Rock. Did I just trigger a flag for Kanie?)


“What about the type that hurts? You use those like they’re going out of style.”

“You mean Painbringer? Ten for 30 yen.”

Type of humor I expect out of Shoji Gatoh. He always likes to make the straight guy deliver the punchlines. It’s very reminiscent of Chidori asking Sagara about something, Sagara deadpans a funny response, and then Chidori facepalms, ever regretting asking the question.

(The special gun bullet thing reminds me of Outlaw Star, and I always like that show’s mechanic where Gene had limited ammo but they had lame number names. Nothing as cool as “Painbringer” or “Forgotten Realm.” I just hope for Amaburi all the bullets are named after Destiny guns. “Super Good Advice,” “Doctor Nope,” and “Fate of all Fools” would work nicely in this world. Also, from Wikipedia’s entry for Isuzu, “Her muzzleloader has been magically infused into her body, so she can summon it from any exposed skin.” I lost my train of thought for a second.)


Isuzu has all of Sagara’s inability to understand how our world works, his trigger happiness, and his quietness whereas Kanie has Chidori’s problem solving abilities and headaches. If Isuzu were put in charge of the rugby team, I can imagine it turning out pretty much the same as The Warcry of Excessiveness. Latifah Influenza, of course, is an even weaker Tess. I’m still on the fence if a love triangle would be good or bad for this series. I think it can be an added dimension for Isuzu/Latifah/Kanie, but it will take away from Moffle and the gang, who are proving to be fantastic supporting characters.

Good Guy Kyoto Animation: Does the traditional 90 degree haremette turn to show more fanservice, but then adds in a short sequence spinning the camera back to normal thus elongating the fanservice scene. Good to see Kyoto keep up the fanservice, and even sneaking in fanservice into Tamako Love Story.


I don’t mind gratuitous fanservice. Not at all. I am a bit disappointed that Kanie didn’t open a hot springs attraction, but they may be saving this for episode eight during rating sweeps.


Sweet scene between Kanie and Latifah in the ferris wheel. Despite Latifah being a typical sickly girl character, she has gone along with Kanie’s schemes, and she does provide him a sounding board for his issues.

(This scene is so much better than the scene from Terror in Tokyo… I mean, what was the point of Lisa in that whole series? She was more useless than Marina Ismail and Relena Peacecraft combined. I think Twelve should have just let her blow up on the ferris wheel and try to call Five’s bluff. Well, still, that series lost me when they showed American agents just randomly gunning down people plus blow up a plane while Japanese authorities look the other way. I am totally willing to believe in talking mascots from a magical kingdom, but I draw the line at a Japanese government so impotent, it let American military personnel kill Japanese civilians in broad daylight.)


“Deal with it.”

Isuzu is a terrifying lady.


“Every outfit is a perfect ten on me.”

He woke up like this ☆☆☆ FLAWLESS


Why do they sound like the music industry? If we give away tickets, it devalues our acts! The customers will always expect it for free! They’re not wrong, but they also should realize that the park has a hard number quota to make. Making the admission free (or at least close to free) helps a lot, and revenue can be made via concession sales. There was a park near me that ran a bring a can of Coke, and admission is $5 promo for a while. If you want to buy a can of Coke inside the park, it came out to be like $17. Sure, not every customer will bite on $17 Coke or $29 cheeseburgers, but enough will to keep money flowing. The extra people will also make the park seem like a less lonely and depressing place. Amagi needs to adapt or go out of business… same for newspapers, music, coal, video rental stores, and a bunch of other businesses. Except erohon purveyors. They seem to be immortal with time or technology. I’m pretty sure there was an episode of Star Trek where Kirk’s stash was found by some green-skinned alien chick.

(I’m wondering how the transportation infrastructure works for the park. There seems to be only one bus line to the park, and if the park is to do the business it needs, there’s no way that’s enough. Even the Ghibli Museum, which has limited admission, has a small fleet of catbuses ferrying people to and from the nearby train stations.)


Wait, what? This confused me at first… why do the stuffed animals have shoes that are just feet?


Love how Chief of Food Service is Meatt-kun. My puppy has a cheap toy we bought at Daiso that looks like a meat stick, and we named it “Meat-kun.” She destroyed it fast. So I ended up buying a closet full and give her one for long car rides so she can destroy it. Mmm… I don’t think I’ll take my puppy to this park.

(Also like how the Chief of Sales is a triceratops who can also Photoshop, the Indiana Jones look-alike is Jack Randy, there’s a fertility doll as the Etcet Land Cast Leader, Wrench-kun is Chief of Engineering, and Merchandising is headed by Mer-chan. In other words, they are all great names.)


Kanie steps aside and lets Isuzu take over during the emergency. Quick! Someone put her in charge of FEMA, ebola, and Amazon Fire Phones. She can whip all of them into shape. It’s clear that Isuzu’s military background makes her very good at dealing with strict emergencies, but Kanie is far better at everyday stuff. It’s like she’s Grant, and Kanie is Lincoln.

(Wait, did I just trigger another flag for Kanie?)


I like how Kanie and Isuzu opened up to each other at the end of episode four. Character development? People working through their issues with each other in a civilized way? Well, it did a calamity… but still. Kanie and Isuzu are almost the exact opposite of Team Kiritsugu and Saber. The Amaburi cast members have growing respect for each other, and acknowledge they need each other to save the park. Isuzu knows she can’t lone wolf it, and now Kanie knows.


Fantastic. I’m glad we have an anime where a sniper has a spotter. Moffle is just missing some night vision goggles.

(One of my favorite Fumoffu scenes involve the army of Bonta-kuns assault the gangster hideout. So cute how they subdue a room.)

“It’s a girl!”

This scene felt a bit like Nichijou. I half expect the Principle to come crashing through riding a deer.


Three hashtags…

1. #sexualharrassment

2. #dealwithit

3. #flawless

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  1. You’re paying attention to the wrong thing. Those are Sento’s boots on the top right, aren’t they? I’m thinking of a rich, leathery, musky Sento smell, combined with a hint of lavender body soap.

    Am I wrong to be thinking of this?

    Also, new Kyoto White Bikini for the win.

    I should go rewatch “Fumoffu”. It has been a few years, and the last time I watched it, it was as funny as the first time.

  2. The mascots wear shoes modelled after their own feet, so they can take them off where socially appropriate.
    As someone else said, “They are mascots, not Hobbits.”

  3. The “Seiya sorts everything out” montage in 4 followed by the “Sento sorts everything out” montage was brilliant. The fairy quartet make great side characters too.

  4. Grant and Lincoln were good. However, were the names missed? Like that the aunt of the main character named after the rapper Ice Cube, and that LATIFAH is a princess that is presumably going to become a QUEEN – those ones? People who are not Nikku and Mer-chan are all named like that.

  5. It took me three episodes to figure out that Chef Meat had wieners instead of hands. All I could do after that is wonder how he cooked without hands or fingers

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