the disappearance of yuki nagato 1

“This is a shy girl’s story.”


Disappearance of Yuki Nagato? More like the Disappearance of Kyoto Animation more like it, amirite? I guess both yes and no. The whole conceit of Yuki Nagato is that the series can never be as good as Haruhi Suzumiya: the plot is stripped away, the characters are simplified, and the genre changed. I view this spin-off like Raising Ayanami or any other Eva spin-off where the focus is on high school rather than battling angels (the same with all the Attack on Titan spin-offs too). It’s like, “Hey, let’s just toss the characters into the most generic anime setting and plot possible!”

The bigger issues are that (a) Kyon is no longer the narrator. He is one of anime’s premier narrators, and anime as a genre does not produce many great narrators. And (b) Satelight replaces Kyoto Animation, which is as difficult as being the next male performer who follows Ron Jeremy in a scene. Have you ever wanted to watch more Haruhi, except with boring, sparse backgrounds, inconsistent character designs, and lackluster animation? Well, said no one ever. And that’s really the issue with this show. It’s an impossible act to follow.

I think the best chance for Yuki Nagato is if the show develops its own pace and own plot, but as I have read a bit of the manga, I doubt that is the case. The pacing is a bit too slow, and nothing feels new or different enough about the show. I also feel like the spin-off would work better if the cast were tossed onto Wall Maria having to defend it from titans.


Kyon kinda still feels like Kyon, but Yuki is totally someone else. The biggest disconnect is that she’s playing on her Vita in the club room instead of reading… how is any version of Yuki Nagato who favors video games over reading in the club room acceptable?! The way she behaves in this show almost reminds me of Ayu from Kanon.


Oddly, I’m okay with everyone’s new character design except for Yuki and Kyon, which is kind of an issue since they are the two main characters. They both look a bit too round, and Kyon looks a bit too babyfaced and a bit too Kirito-ized. Yuki looks like someone is trying to cosplay as Yuki. I understand Satelight might want to put their own touch on the show, but I find neither character designs appealing. Satelight also simplified the school uniforms. Ugh. Going from Kyoto to Satelight is like going from Vin Diesel to Sean Boswell.

(Probably my favorite part of Furious Seven is how much muscle butter Vin Diesel and The Rock must have used throughout filming the movie.)


Best part of the episode? Apparently, in this universe, Mikuru doesn’t wear a bra. That breast physics engine hard at work.


I did enjoy the whole LOL FANG-TAN vs. Asakura sequence. The two may be a bit too similar in this universe, but I liked both characters and good to see them develop a natural rivalry. I would definitely watch a spin-off where LOL FANG-TAN and Asakura go around and visit hot springs all over Japan.


Watching clothes dry is still more interesting than most of cable TV these days. Still, doesn’t Yuki have another shirt to wear? Is that her only piece of clothing?


I do like the comic faces. Satelight should just do all the animations like this.


I’m okay with references to famous scenes from Haruhi Suzumiya. Just please don’t reference Endless Eight.

(What other series can use re-imaginings of their characters? Maybe Gurran Lagann can become a baseball anime where Kamina is the star pitcher, but he breaks his arm in the seventh episode, resulting in Simon being thrust into the starting pitcher’s role? Fate/Stay Night becomes a video game world where each servant is actually controlled by a player… the video game world features two teams of five, as they try to destroy the other team’s ancient. The boys of the Iwatobi Swim Club are now prisoners inside a maximum security jail, and they must escape to become free.)


Three MVPs…

1. Kyoto Animation.

2. Itsuki’s two frame cameo.

3. Mikuru’s bra.

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  1. To be fair to the show, it’s following the manga pretty closely. And yes, Disappearance is completely different from Haruhi. There are a few hints that there’s a minor connection to the original series, but that’s all there is. It’s a spinoff, just as Haruhi-Chan was.

    Things don’t really get much more serious until volume 3 or so, when Haruhi is more a factor… and even then, it stays light and fluffy. Don’t go into this expecting Endless Eight and you won’t be disappointed. This is a show about moe Yuki and Kyon being get crush.

  2. I am glad you are still blogging. Though sadly this anime is too much for me to stand as a Haruhi fan. I guess it is a good thing I can indirectly see it through your eyes rather than watching it myself.

  3. You know, I was not expecting this show to be anything like what I had seen so far. You have the different source, the different studio, to me this was just a completely new show based somewhat on characters I knew from another show. I did not really expect anything from this show even though I loved Suzumiya, which was why I thought it was fine. I enjoyed most of what I watched but I am not going to write home about it.

  4. As a fan of the Yuki-chan manga series, I feel I should defend the idea of a ‘normal’ Yuki in a mundane environment.
    The Haruhi novels (especially) and the anime (obliquely), have Haruhi/Kyon as the center of a multiverse, where different versions of reality can/will exist depending on actions taken/not taken: conditions met/not met.
    This ‘normal’ Nagato is the one superpowered Yuki created herself in the whole ‘Disappearance’ chronology.
    While Kyon went and changed things back in the novels and movie, the possibility of a different version of Yuki (and Kyon etc..) continuing on in their own world adds depth and complexity to those characters.
    For those that would pshaw the Haruhi/Kyon multiverse, I have but on word for you: KYONKO! No multiverse, no Kyonko! Case closed!
    As far as Kyoto Animation, they jumped the shark for me back with that talking parrot thing (Tamako Market?), and then they put the shark in a barrel and danced around it for ‘FREE!’…

  5. This post pretty much hits the nail on the head. If it were KyoAni at the helm, I shouldn’t watch it with this premise, but I know I would. With these guys, and particularly those character designs for Kyon and Yuki, no, I’ll pass.
    Does Nagaru Tanigawa have any involvement in the source manga, or has he just sold the rights to write/draw some official fanfiction to Puyo? Different sources seem to conflict on the answer.

  6. What the heck happened here?

    I knew this was coming from the previews, yet couldn’t take in the whole new facelift the gang went through. Sure, it was fun as hell to see the antics between the girls in the shopping district, and the incident in Nagato’s department, still it felt something was lacking.

    Hopefully something will help me to enjoy this series.

    BTW, no love for UBW?

  7. I had to tell my friend to NOT watch this show as a favor to me, as it would be insulting to have him think this is what Haruhi is like.
    In a nutshell this show would be unwatchable by normal standards IMO, but because praise to O-Haruhi-sama, I’ll persevere.

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