owarimonogatari 2

“I’ll kill you.”


“There is no meaning!”

Poor Oikura must have seen the Monogatari timeline and despaired. Zetsubou da! So Owarimonogatari takes place roughly during Nekomonogatari:Shiro but before Otorimonogatari and Shinbou Time is somewhere– ah forget it. We’ve already seen Kabaru’s mostly standalone Hanamonogatari is supposed to be the final story in the Monogatari tale. At this point, I would appreciate it if Shaft did a quick recap or timeline before the season.

I do enjoy the series, but it feels more and more convoluted. There’s way too much of showing the end and then showing how we got there instead of letting the story flow naturally. The story telling feels gimmicky… which may or may not be a good thing considering Shaft’s fondness for visual gimmicks.


Where does Oremonogatari go in the timeline?


Shaft goes off into too many directions sometimes. But I did enjoy Schrodinger’s Cat x Escher mashup. What I didn’t enjoy? Ougi’s ramblings. She puts me to sleep. No, seriously, I was watching this episode around 10pm, and next thing I knew, it was 6am. Ougi is probably the least interesting character because she serves as the deus ex machina to move plot along despite the fact the plot should have finished a few seasons ago. She is the John Doggett of Monogatari.


Somehow we go from Escher to Powerpuff Girls. It’s the classic Let’s Make a Deal probability question from any engineering probability class. I guess it is math-related, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Euler. Frustratingly, the show didn’t provide the proof for the question, nor did it seemingly impact the story at all. It’s just like as if Nisio Isin is tossing out random shit he learned in freshman college courses.

Then again, tossing out random shit from freshmen college courses and applying it to anime is the basis of almost all modern anime blogs. As bad as magic high schools are, I’m also sick of every blog post that goes like “Monogatari and the Suffering of the Unknown Nietzsche” or “Shinobu and the Cusp of Freudian Dreams” or “Shaft and the High Visual Commander Sisko of the Defiant.” Apparently, it’s not a blog post unless it also ties into this week’s psych 101 problem set.


“I’m the only one who can stab Ararararagi with stationary. Even though I’ve gotten rid of that character trait, I can’t stand having it being reused.”

Best sequence to occur in Monogatari in quite a while. Hey, everyone loves Senjougahara, Hanekawa, Shinobu, Mayoi, and Kanbaru… let’s totally not focus on any of them anymore. You know who people crave? Ougi. And new haremette we are introducing at the eleventh hour because we don’t have an ideas for the existing characters.


I also enjoyed Hanekawa’s half-hearted attempt to stop Senjougahara.

(It’s been a while since more than three cast members interacted with each other. Can Nisio Isin write dialogue for a group of people?)


Senjougahara’s skirt is shorter than both Hanekawa and Oikura. Hard-hitting analysis from blog好き.


I solved the mystery. This room is where Arararagi founded the Super Peace Busters five years ago, and they all drifted apart due to the death of Menma.


Three MVPs…

1. The goat.
2. Escher.
3. Red pencil.

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  1. Not powerpuff Girl, good sir. It is a squidkid from Nintendo.

  2. I really don’t think I can be bothered with ______monogatari any more. The first season was clever and funny, but nothing that came after it struck me as “clever”. It lost the “funny” somewhere along the line as well. The only consistently good arc in the last full season was Kaiki’s – the rest just made it seem like the writer was sick of half the characters and wrote them off in unconvincing fashion so as to replace them with yet more dull side characters.
    Now it seems like the series is purely about two people talking at each other for increasing amounts of time, in as pretentious and tedious a manner as possible, while SHAFT imagery happens in the background…

  3. That’s clearly professor Utonium, but yes that is a squidquid… in powerpuff girl fashion. I remember a cute powerpuffed Shinobu from one of the seasons, maybe Nise?

  4. Ougi is very important, you should recognize her character traits in a member you have already seen. Surprised you hadn’t gone deep on the next ep yet, it really only gets better from there. Don’t worry, Shinobu Mail (which actually takes place during Tsubasa Tiger, Ougi Formula and both Sodachi Riddle and Lost occur AFTER Tiger for your time line purposes).

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