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My name is jason. And I have a serious drin– oh, wait, wrong website.

Everything that you need to know about my anime watching habits can be gleaned from this blog, so I won’t waste words here about it (even though I enjoy wasting words sometimes). I am a techie living in Northern California, and my hobby is as much writing as it is enjoying anime. My biggest motivation for this blog is both an outlet for my writing as well as a way to discuss anime with people around the world. It was either this or start yet another pretentious emo blog or just post pictures of my cat, which would require me to get some hideous tattoos and procure a cat respectively.

My goal for this blog is to have fun. It’s not going to be just summaries, just news snippets, just anime fanboy emo, or just pretty pictures. I have always believed that if I have fun writing, then it’ll probably be fun to read as well, and that once this stops being fun, I’ll stop.

The (current) name for this blog comes from my old indexing service of the same name. A reused URL is cheaper than buying another URL. ;)

I do enjoy other hobbies beyond writing and anime, and I allude to them from time to time. I do mix in American pop culture, which frustrates a lot of the overseas readers… but then again, probably no more so than any typical American forced to endure Lucky Star.

Nonetheless, welcome.