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Derailed by Darry is a blog that deals with anime and other topics that may be related, and, as such, it is definitely geared to people who know a little about (and appreciate) anime. During my discussions, I tend to employ quite a few memes and lexicons. Here’s a quick guide for people who may not be familiar with this blog’s vocabulary:

  • 2chan: Japanese message board which sometimes have a nugget of good art.
  • 4koma: standard four panel comic found in Japan… very similar to newspaper comics in the US, only racier and much more violent. Sometimes.
  • 4tw: “for the win.” Usually referring to something awesome.
  • chix0r: gaming term generally referring to characters lacking y-chromosome.
  • fanboy: someone devoted enough to a hobby that they will make a blog out of it; what I tend to label myself… mostly because there’s a connotation that fanboys whine alot.
  • fanservice: originally meant filler art in an anime, it now takes on the meaning of “exposing more than normally will”. As in: Keitaro tripped, fell, and grabbed onto Naru’s skirt, thus providing the room with ample fanservice.
  • Gainax Ending: Gainax is an anime studio that is notorious for having non-sensical endings (i.e. Mahoromatic, Kare Kano, Eva).
  • haruhigasm: Joy of anything Haruhi Suzumiya-related.
  • l33t: gaming spelling for “elite”.
  • LOL FANG-TAN: During the early parts of Haruhi Suzumiya‘s broadcast, people on various forums were arguing about whether to call Tsuruya “FANG-TAN” or “LOL-TAN”. I tried to unite the camps with “LOL FANG-TAN”.
  • nekomimi meido: translates to “cat-eared maid”, which I guess is the pinnicle of maid evolution in harem genre anime (see: Yoriko).
  • OH GEASS NO!: moment of disbelief, mostly likely generated by something so good turning oh so bad.
  • sekushi: romanized form of “Sexy”. Typically used to describe nekomimi meido.
  • symmetrical docking: anime fanboy term… here’s the 4koma that spawned the meme.
  • thigh meat: delicious!
  • USO DA!: what the Higurashi girls (although mostly the Sonozakis) scream when they start acting really, really, really crazy. Like much more than their normal craziness.

Archaic Meme:

  • buri: Short for Bridget, the male Guilty Gear fighter who dresses up like a chix0r.
  • sba: sake, bugs, and angels, my Oh My Goddess! fansite… which is in complete and utter disrepair.
  • qcf: “quarter-circle forward”… usually denotes a move in a fighting game. Yes, anime fanboys tend to like sprite-based fighters. Maybe more so than 3d fighters.
  • y4l: “yaoi for life”. Boy on boy lovin’. Old carryover meme from the days when the site had an IRC server.