evil nazis, whips, and a lost ark

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I went to see Bulletproof Monk, and I must say it is quite disturbing to see a monk mow down evildoers with tightly coreographed gunplay. But what else do I expect from Chow Yun-Fat and John Woo? Chow even pulls off his trademark twirl-around, grab a gun move that he does in basically every movie (except that one Zhang Ziyi movie…).

There’s really nothing special with the action sequences, especially with Matrix Reloaded so close. The plot is fairly predictable, and it is basically a rip-off of Raiders of the Lost Arc complete with zombie Nazis bent on taking over the world. Stiffler is Chow’s counterpart, and he flashes the same smile from American Pie. Yet I enjoyed the movie for Chow does his part so well and so believable. His expressions and remarks all seem so natural.

For a j-pop star, there sure ain’t a lot of Koda Kumi pics out there. So instead I had this idea from the ML that for the next three entries, I’d post a different chix0r. Who guesses all three right might get a prize… this first one is easy. Like too easy… but it’s a nice pic.

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