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I just synced my iPod, and I must say that MusicMatch is one of the crappiest audio playback software programs that I have ever seen. It has an annoying interface that tries to imitate Winamp but fails at it. The interface is extremely buggy when run in large text mode, which most new laptops and LCD displays are set at these days. Worse yet, it takes it a few minutes to detect my iPod– this is ridiculous because the iPod is on Firewire while when I moved the printer to another PC, WinXP managed to detect it almost instantly, and that’s a printer->printer cable->server->lan->my laptop route.

MusicMatch also does not have an easy way to copy files form the iPod to my hard drive. While it lets me drag ‘n drop stuff into my iPod, getting stuff out takes some more mouse clicks. I completely don’t understand this. MusicMatch also has this annoying habit of not using my set default directories and always seems to return back to its factory settings, which, of course, is not my mp3 folder. As a ripper/encoder, MusicMatch is pathetic at best. It enjoys giving out copyright errors while not even providing decent CDDB support. Thank you, I’ll still be using my Audiograbber for a while longer.

I also have been playing around with the custom soundtrack option for my X-Box. It’s great being able to play Sega GT to the GGXX soundtrack. Then there’s the whole DOAX/Sex on the Beach soundtrack. I wish more games had this option– Dynasty Warriors 3 needs something like this bad. The music in the game is some of the worst BGM that I have ever heard in a console game (including Atari stuff), and only the dubbing surpasses it in crappiness. For one, the Japanese sounds weird just because it’s a game about Chinese history… yet the characters speak Japanese while the music is sung in Chinese. The English dubbing is quite possibly the worst English dub that I have ever heard. At least Resident Evil‘s dub was funny; this one just hurts my ears. It’s like they got their roommates and friends to dub to save money.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been listening to:

10 Most Played Songs on My iPod

Birthday Cake, Cibo Matto (Jet Set Radio Future)

Angel Eyes, ABBA (Mamma Mia!)

Running, No Doubt (Token MTV song)

Secret of My Heart, Mai Kuraki

I’ll Fly with You, Gigi D’Agostino

Secret Level Music, Super Mario Sunshine (Acapella!)

Petit Love, Smile.dk

Namida ha HARIKEN, Bon Bon Blanco (Getbackers ED 2)

Real Emotion, Koda Kumi (See below)

Love Goes On, Natalise (See tomorrow… ?)

Finally found a Koda Kumi (���c����) pic larger than 100×100 and isn’t from a CD cover. It’s like finding a silver rupee– it’s time to jump for joy!

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  2. HEy ! Where did you find the acapella secret level music from Mario Sunshine ? I am trying to find that song, but I don’t know where to get it!

  3. wtf… you must get these a hundred a day, but holly sht you are cute. i must just be drunk(wich i am) but you also listen to the same shit. immm also just talking and i neeed birthday cake out of my hed, so i need to listen to it, thats the reson imm here. yep im a random fker who just happened upon your site. sor. but as farr as i tell you coo. just sayin stuff cause more stuff. peace.