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Just a few things whose stock has either risen or fallen lately.

Disgaea: it’s Final Fantasy Tactics on the PS2! Well, not quite. It’s not as polished, and the job system is a bit lacking (why can’t I have chix0r thieves?), but it’s the best tactical RPG since Tactics. It also has features insanely customizable items and characters, and it’s Geo Panel system makes battles a bit more interesting than Tactics… if you’re a fan of dominos that is. The game also features a demonic hero who is nothing like typical RPG heroes. He steals, kills, and enjoys taking lollipops from little babies. Disagea takes the full anime episodic approach to plot where each chapter represents a different story for the hero, and the “Next Episode” previews that you are rewarded with after completing an episode are hilarious. Did I mention there’s demon chix0rs, angel ninja chix0rs, and exploding demonic penguins?

No, she’s not talking about the MTV music awards.

Etna (from Disgaea): Chix0rs with pitchforks and pointy tails up…

Mission (from Knights of the Old Republic): Twi`lek chix0rs down.

Britney and Madden Together!: It’s like if Jackie Chan ever made a movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt… oh wait, they did, and it sucked. Speaking of Jackie Chan…

The Medallion: I felt like I was watching Bulletproof Monk again. And that’s not a good thing.

Picante Salsa: Mmm… delicous, especially during football season.

Cram: There’s something to love about a gameshow that forces its contestants to stay up all night and study absolutely useless facts.

Naruto: Technically, it’s never been up. There’s nothing I hate more than someone who is lagging in GunBound that says, “Sorry, I’m downloading Naruto off KaZaa.” I make it my point to go after these people in game, irregardless if they are on my team or not. Speaking of GunBound

Grub-bot: It pwns in GunBound!

GunBound’s Swear Filter: It’s worse than mine.

GunBound: It’s been stable lately, but my stats aren’t updating. Arg! And the buddy list… why the @#!@# can’t you enable the buddy list?!?

California Recall Election: We’re the only state in the union that has The Terminator, Larry Flynt, a pr0n star, and an used car salesman running for governor. It doesn’t matter who wins– it’s going to be great comedy. The economy? It’s screwed irregardless.

Cervantes: He’s no Johnny, but he’s quickly becoming my Soul Calibur 2 character of choice.

SC2 Bounciness: In character profiles, pressing L or R on the XBOX version causes the character to bounce. I’m not sure what use this feature has… oh, wait, duh. *picks Ivy*

Suncoast: Because they didn’t have Mahoro in stock. Bastards.

Full Metal Panic Season 2: It’s basically FMP‘s version of Mini-Goddess, but it has the adorable ending where all the superdeformed characters remind me of the avatars from GunBound.

Tropical Sprite: I can’t taste a difference.

Narg’s Blog: Why is it still down? Where are my Twin Girls updates?!?

Senbei’s Blog: For the new look.

Meido: Never a bad investment.

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  1. “basically FMPs version of Mini-Goddess”

    Okay, but now for the real question. Assuming you hated FMP (which I did), does the chibi-kawaii factor make up for the ridiculous art and the complete lack of any intelligible plot?

  2. I was thinking about getting Disgea, but then I saw the graphics and was pretty much put off.

  3. […] ps to have a pretty damn fun battle system to boot and that Xenocard minigame. Runner Up: Disgaea (PS2). Prinnies dood! Probably the best dialogue in an RPG. Best Line: Johnny from Guilty Gear X2 (PS […]

  4. nothing