gory sequels galore

This is like the year of the sequel. It’s scary. Upcoming are the Jubei-chan sequel (no clue about plot) and Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi (seems to take place a year after the first one). I can’t fathom why so many sequels from an industry typically devoid of sequels are coming out now… expect… damn American meddling. Think how much money Cartoon Network had to throw around to get Big O 2. Can’t you see some ADV exec begging for more Noir or FMP?

Sometimes, though, it’s not a bad thing.

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

The story seems to take place after the events of the first season, but why is Sagura still going to high school with Chidori? He’s not guarding her anymore… in any case, it’s FMP minus terrorists (except the imaginary ones in Sagura’s mind) minus the ridiculous sub minus the whispered and minus mecha. The series is officially now a high school romance tale between the violent Chidori (with her infinite supply of paper fans) and the equally violent (but in a different way) Sagura. This series really highlights their completely dysfunctional relationship, and it’s a completely different tone from the previous season.

I like the change. I never got into the original since it tried to be both a high school romance and a high powered war story. I said back then that you can have one or the other, but not both. Fumoffu drops the war aspect but maintains the familiar characters doing what they do best.


Happy Lesson Advance

Besides sounding like a Gameboy game, it’s the sequel to Happy Lesson and continues the same wackiness from the original series. Not much as changed from the original, and a few eps from the original OAV are thrown in as “new” episodes for Advance just to check if you were paying attention. The only noteworthy addition is Kuron, a hot chix0r pretending to be a guy, who wants her Mutski-mama back. Otherwise, it’s more of the same.

The ring! Don’t look at the ring!

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  1. Ano, Is there going to be another sequeul to full metal panic ? fummoffu?