bluer than… belldandy?

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I like Ai Yori Aoshi so I was pretty happy when I heard about the sequel, Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi. Recently, I watched a fansub of the prequel to that sequel, which had the ridiculous premise of Kaoru celebrating Christmas with Santa Claus. Santa just so happens to look exactly like Aoi, but it’s not Aoi despite their vastly similiar appearances/voices/mannerisms. (Why do the Japanese have s3xy chix0rs as their Santas, and we get shafted with jolly old men in the West? I want my Chikage/Yotsuba Santa tag-team!)

Anyway, the episode is typical AYA: it goes where anime has gone before. Typical “loser guy lives with many hot chix0rs”. But it doesn’t mean it’s bad or not entertaining. To the contrary…

“The Belldandy”

Luckless/poor college student comes home. Wants pizza. Instead, hot, magical chix0r pops out of his wall– delivered in well under thirty minutes. She wants to fulfill a request, and wow, what a surprise, he wants her to be with him. AYA takes the concept further by having Aoi say something along the lines of, “You can call me whatever you want to” thus making my eyebrows twitch. What male fantasy hasn’t been satisfied here? (Okay Narg, no meido, but you must concede Aoi in a short Santa outfit.)

“The Floating Naru”

Guy freaks out and runs out of the door. (Seriously, would you run out on Santa Aoi? This wasn’t believable…) Slips and manages to cop a feel in the process. Where have I seen this scene before?

“The Mahoro”

This scene just reminded me of that scene where Mahoro asks Suguru to the bath at the end of Something More Beautiful. It doesn’t hurt that Aoi and Mahoro share the same seiyuu.

“The Belldandy (Chorus)”

In the end, fate compels her to leave him. Just like how Belldandy– in theory– must leave Keiichi one day, Santa Aoi must return to the North Pole.

5 Responses to “bluer than… belldandy?”

  1. I will happily concede that santa fuku are just as sexy as meido fuku. =3

  2. *somehow senbei isn’t surprised by this pure nargian comment*

  3. *waits for narg to hire an actual Maid and becomes disappointed when a hunchback with a disgusting underbite and a lazy eye shows up in T-shirt and jeans and can’t shut up about her medical problems*

  4. That will never happen! I’m an expert at picking out Anime Sekushi Meido potential. ^_^

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