sorega aideshou

I watched the video for Mikuni Shimokawa’s Sorega Aideshou, which happens to be the OP of a show I like… the vid was horrid. It’s partly in black and white, and these pink stripes dance around. Sometimes they wipe to a new cut, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they form little boxes… but they dance around. Also, the song is about falling in love… and the video has Mikuni camping and cooking by herself. This goes back to my original post about crappy Asian vids. But not all Asian vids are crappy.

Pink lines! Aaaaah!

2 Responses to “sorega aideshou”

  1. Hah… I’ve been in an Asian video… So I can say… yes. They do indeed suck. Why was an American taxi in Thailand? I’ll never know…

  2. Well, maybe this is their way of showing their artistic side.

    Defending the Asian sensations,