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I applaud everyone who thought my last post was a fake. It’s hard to tell the real thing from fakes sometime… harder when we have a pseudo-holiday celebrating fakes. But I’m not known for pulling pranks… and… well… take a look…

Gun flame!

Maybe this will help my readers spot fakes better in the future:


Moekan Company is the worst anime about meido— combat or otherwise– that I have ever seen. Usually, for a short OVA like this, I don’t expect a plot. That’s great because there really isn’t one. But I expect two things: fanservice and a likeable heroine meido. It fails in both respects– the animation quality is extremely poor for an OVA release, and it even lags behind some of the TV shows. Fanservice? There is none. I’m not kidding. And the heroine? She’s extremely annonying. I now wish Narg didn’t hype this up as much as he did… the show is not worthy.

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  1. Nani? I’ve haven’t seen the Moekan OVA yet. I played the dater (both PS2 and PC), but my knowledge of the anime version is presently minimal. I’ve always had doubt on it:


    I will support and fight for the honor of Moekko Company in its original form as a dater, but the OVA port? Can’t say… haven’t seen it yet…

  2. I found that paragraph really funny cuz I have this picture of Narg’s heart breaking 5000 miles away as he reads it. Notice how I said ‘most’ of your post was fake, not all of it. ;) The release date was something that was definitely possible, but all the jargon about career mode, different playable costumes, hello kitty etc was def not legit. ^^

  3. NANDATO?! A maid anime with nothing of fanservice or a likeable maid. BLASPHEMY!!!!!

    Shocked and appauld,

  4. I loved the Moekan OVA. So much so i wanted to fansub it but i haven’t found a translator that has the time to work on anything since it first came out. ;( It’s uber-kawaii. At least, Rinia is.