welcome to toybox!

toybox release notes:

  • Brand new 100% hand-coded template! My first in almost a year-and-a-half. Works best in Firefox (valid XHTML 1.0 and valid CSS 2.1… anything broken in IE is M$’s fault).
  • Complete focus on seikushi meido anime and its kin! (Well, not really… hence the existence of off-topic.) It was the most popular part of the old blog anyway. No more sniping at Yahoo news clips. Don’t worry though… I have another project planned in the near future that will be devoid of seikushi meido anime.
  • Cute image of Ryou and Akari from Konomini! Because I couldn’t find one certain image from HMT, despite help from the world’s foremost authority on futakoi neko mimi meido.
  • WP 1.2! Just love this software. None better.
  • Almost backwards compatible! Some really old entries bleed past the template or are in misplaced categories.
  • And a wallpaper! Genshiken… uh… what is it? Taken from the forums…

    Genshiken is the other romantic comedy from Afternoon that’s getting its own anime series soon. It’s about a bunch of guys who are in an anime/manga club… except they specialize in cosplay and h-games and talk to each other in terms of 2D fighting game characters. (Basically, our old chat channel on mircx.) Until one day a normal girl falls in love with one of the guys, and soon they get her to do stuff like go to doujinshi cons, cosplay, and build Gundam models.

2 Responses to “welcome to toybox!”

  1. I like the new look. Nice neutral background pattern there. Very classy. As a user of Firesomething, I appreciate that you coded it properly. Rock on with your bad self!

  2. Del rey i think licensed Genshiken. It’s really addictive if you are someone who likes this stuff.