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I want to thank everyone who has written in comments for this blog. I’m surprised that people actually find this page… last month, over 1,500 came here looking for “tenjou tenge,” something I rarely talk about, yet less than 20 come here looking for “hanaukyo,” which I constantly rant on about. What is wrong with this world?!? Anyway, here’s some (semi-belated to belated to very, very belated) replies for everyone.

Ano, Is there going to be another sequeul to full metal panic ? fummoffu? – Kaigo

Not that I know of, but we can hope. There’s a spin-off manga for FMP! worth looking into, Ikinai! Full Metal Panic! where chibi-Chidori and Sagura blow each up with bombs. More humorous than the original and more chaotic than Fumoffu. There’s also the original novels, where a lot of stories never made it into the manga or the TV series, including a great retelling of Cinderella complete with flash-bangs and anti-personnel mines.

Bombs away!

Del rey i think licensed Genshiken. It’s really addictive if you are someone who likes this stuff. – Himeyasha

Nope. Not as of today… check Manga News for license list.

Well, that’s it – I’m sold! And to think I completely overlooked this series… I find the whole cute + ecchi + psycho violence combination really spiffy. And that beautiful opening! Many thanks for piquing my interest in this series. – Nequam

Great to hear that someone else enjoys Elfen Lied as much as I do. If you don’t want to wait for subbers, there’s a great site for speedy scripts, and raws are fairly easy to find for this series.

But the Triplets never got one! The injustice of it all! – Narg

I feel so bad for them. :(

Don’t worry! We still luv ya!

Hey, you don’t know me, but I stumbled across your journal while searching for Koda Kumi’s music video “Chase.” Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me out a bit, because I’m still looking for somebody that is seeding it. You don’t have to send the entire video to me, I was just hoping you could take screencaps of different angles of her in her maid outfit, because I want to cosplay as her. – Kasumi

I’m going to post a few images on the next page… do I really need a reason to post more Koda Kumi pics anyway? :) You can also pick up the video from the bots in #kuraki-fans.

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