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The new To Heart series, Remember My Memories, seems to be a continuation of the original series from 1999. All the pieces for a solid show are there: top notch seiyuu crew including Ayako Kawasumi and Horie Yui, the picking-up of Hiroyuki’s relationships where now all the girls give Akari the evil eye, and a meido robot.

With 20% Crappier Character Designs

Well, the first and most obvious aspect of change is the character design. The original series deviated from the harem game’s style to a more artistic one (designed by the same person who did Figure 17) to very good effect– it made for a series that just felt more peaceful than the typical harem show. While the original won’t match Love Hina or Girls Bravo in terms of hilarity, it was a pretty good slice of life series with a harem aspect. I felt that the original series had a solid ending where all the girls show up and cheer Hiroyuki on, and everyone lives happily ever after.

The new character designs just look too angular and unfamiliar compared to the original. A series like Aa! Megami-sama managed to preserve everyone’s look over a decade… yet To Heart will probably manage to turn off a few people with the new, angular designs. The animation also looks cheaper than the original– probably a by-product from having too much cheap CG.

The series will probably feature Multi, who Hiroyuki is just slightly too attached to, and how she forgotten about everyone during the summer. Just seeing Hiroyuki ignore all the real chix0rs around him and focus on Multi just reminds me of a certain faction in the forums. Hopefully, the highly angular character designs won’t ruin an otherwise promising series. It’s always good to see more meido robot anime.

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  1. Meido are da best. You know this. I know this. If da other chix0rs want attention, they need to get with the program and join the Revolution!