yet another meido combat android

mushi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu

In an alternate Japan, bugs can no longer be defeated by normal means. Instead, in a meido fanboy’s dream come true, armies of tiny android meido armed to the teeth are employed to clean out the bug infestations. Only anime can bring such a tale to life. That’s the premise behind the Hoi-Hoi-san OVA where two competing bug exterminating meido robots, Hoi-Hoi-san and Combat-san, are locked in a vicious duel between the two of them and also the bugs. The OVA is very short and mostly ridiculous. So if you like your meido combat android stories to be short and ridiculous, check this one out…

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  1. I mentioned this once or twice in the Boards. It’s a MediaWorks title that was a PS2 game: an interesting twist on your typical “android raiser” game. In the game, Hoi-Hoi-san helped her master win the girl of his choice too.

    She’s so kawaii!!! ^_^