genshiken 7

Due to the holiday rush, I haven’t been able to watch any anime. But I’m easing back slowly with some Genshiken. Ohno, who is voiced by Ayako Kawasumi, dons a Mahoro outfit, which makes Mahoro the most cosplayed anime character by other anime characters in my official count.

Ironically, it doesn’t fit that Ohno has, uh, significantly better “sizes” than Mahoro. Another highlight of the episode is when the Genshiken gang start talking about their, uh, “preferences” and things like “meido,” “bandages,” and “nekomimi” get tossed out there. Of course, I’m not claiming they ripped this idea off of others. Gosh no. I mean, I’ve never heard of “meido,” “bandages,” or “nekomimi” being used in such a manner. *grin*


Then, of course, the struggle to get Saki cosplaying continues in the following episode. I mean.. nekomimi meido being the epitome of male attraction? Where do they get this stuff from?

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  1. Hmm… Indeed. For some reason I equate the shadow boys image to the shadows of Jason-san, X-sama, and Narg-nii-san talking about meido.

    And I don’t know *why.*

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