onna no ko otoko no ko

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One of my complaints for jpop videos is that a lot of the videos for anime songs have absolutely nothing to do with the show itself. Granted, music videos don’t have to make sense… but I still prefer the type that does. Ogura Yuko’s Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko bucks the trend by actually, well, having something to do with School Rumble. Or it could just be that Yuko looks damn cute in her Tenma cosplay.


(And no, I don’t understand the stuffed animals… or all the gaijin kiddies.)

3 Responses to “onna no ko otoko no ko”

  1. hye there, im just wanna ask, where can i get this video of Ogura Yuko’s please email me soon…thanx

  2. Hi there, I’m also looking for this video… Can you help? Thanks beforehand.

  3. ppl who want it can get it by torrent here http://www.wannabefansubs.net/?page=rss.php