dokkoida 8

I finally got a chance to see Dokkoida. It had previously been described to me as an Ultraman spoof… well… it’s more of a harem spoof as the main luckless hero has more trouble fending off his harem than anything else. Any series that has the male lead helping underaged girls peel apples is getting tossed into the harem category by me.

The series is about Suzuo whom is trying to get a job in the recession and ends up becoming the “test pilot” for the Dokkoida battle suit developed by some galactic toy company. The Dokkoida suit and the Neruloid Girl suit are in competition for a major defense contract a la the JSF competition, only wackier. To help test the suits, three “class A” criminals were released to fight them, and the three criminals include (1) an old mad scientist who rather play dating sims than fight (2) an S&M freak who turns her slaves into vicious fighting beasts… only it doesn’t work out that way (think Victorybell from Pokemon) (3) a version of Card Captor Sakura gone horribly wrong. Oddly enough, all three criminals plus Dokkoida and Neruloid Girl end up living together in the same apartment complex but cannot reveal their true identities to anyone. (But it’s so obvious yet oblivious… since Suzuo walks around wearing a Dokkoida T-shirt.)

Episode 8 features the parody on Sister Princess as the gang believes that Suzuo is doing indecent things with this younger sister after the mad scientist shows everyone the Sister Princess knock-off. Of course, Neruloid Girl and the criminals barge in on Suzuo in a compromising situation with his younger sister, and everyone starts a rampage of destruction. That is until Dokkoida shows up and saves the day by defeating the evildoers explaining that loving your sister is normal.


My favorite parts of the episode were where the mad scientist would go on describing “little sister fever” in a way that would make Genshiken‘s Madarame proud. And, at the end, I’m glad I kept it on the Japanese track because it was Inoue Kikuko responding to the “older teacher fever” comment in her “priority number one” voice.

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