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I can only imagine a pre-production meeting for Da Capo 2

“Hey, let’s make another, but slightly less-incestuous, season of Da Capo.”

“Okay, but lets get rid of that clumsy neko mimi meido. Let’s keep the annoying banana girl but we have to get rid of Yoriko.”

“As for Mako’s sister. Those boobs were too hard to draw. Let’s get rid of them. She’s a shrine maiden so she can’t be ditzy like before either.”

“Since Nemu is gone, let’s make that creepy, loner girl with weird psychic powers his main interest. Only let’s turn her into the gentle girl next door.”

Kotori after her lobotomy

So what’s left? Not that Da Capo was an A-list show to begin with, it pretty much feels like a clone of To Heart now minus the meido. Somehow Asakura has picked up Hiroyuki’s blandness and Kotori has turned into Akari with slightly longer hair.

Of course, for people who follow this blog, the main reason why it fails, well, how can you get rid of Yoriko?!?! Maybe I’m just pessimistic, but she wasn’t in the credits… boooooo!

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