full moon episode 52 (last episode)

I stopped watching Full Moon wo Sagashite like four years ago, and this weekend, when I was cleaning out an old hard drive, I found the old episodes and… well… to recap, Mitsuki is like any other twelve year old girl in that she has her first crush and she has a dream to become a pop star; however, she is not like any other twelve year old girl. Mitsuki has throat cancer, and she has about a year to live. To make her last year of life comfortable, she was sent two shinigami, Takuto and Meruko, who decide to let Mitsuki live out her dream by giving her the ability to change into Full Moon, a grown-up songstress.

Nonetheless… Mitsuki dreamed of becoming a star because she wanted to reach out to her crush, a boy named Eichi, who has since moved overseas. Problem is, Eichi died in a motorcycle accident and in reality has become Takuto, one of the two shinagami sent to look after Mitsuki, only he doesn’t know it because he ate some gomu gomu no baka. (Seriously, he ate the “forbidden fruit” and has since lost his memories of his mortal life.)

The series is far from the typical shoujo series, and I’m positive that has something to do with it still not being licensed four years later. It’s not a happy series with an abundance of death and tragedy for the main characters. It’s not an overly emotional series either… they manage to balance out the bleaker themes with Mitsuki’s undying positive attitude and Full Moon’s upbeat songs. And it’s not a series about Mitsuki’s relationship with Eichi either… it’s more about everyone’s dream and how various people accept their fate.



I’m not sure why I stopped watching in the first place? Lack of giant robots? The depressing storylines of the second season? The fact it’s shoujo? Nevertheless, for everyone who followed Mitsuki’s adventure, the final episode brings Full Moon wo Sagashite to a fairy tale end. Mitsuki’s cancer is at its final stage, and she has one final concert as Full Moon… and Takuto gives up his life in exchange for Mitsuki’s. Meruko then gives up her life to save Takuto; after seeing their compassion from each other, Mitsuki was allowed to live and allowed to keep her voice. Meruko graduated to become an angel, and Takuto is reborn as Eichi. Only he’s still under the effects of the fruit and doesn’t remember… but it’s a happy ending nonetheless.

The treat for this week is the second OP to the series, Rock and Roll Princess by The Scanty. As before, only for a week. (Removed.)

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  1. If he was reborn, wouldn’t there be a ginormus age gap? I assume when one is reborn they begin as a baby, and Mitsuki is already a teen…

    Aw hell, it’s shoujo.

  2. o_o;;

    Ok, I need to elaborate, “Takuto is reborn as Eichi before he died but without the memories.”

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Takuto was not Eichi, but instead someone else from Mitsuki’s “past”. Likewise, he wasn’t so much reborn as brought back to life. It’s been a few years, but still…

  4. Wasn’t Takuto the one who named Mitsuki? I think it was in the anime…I think I’m wrong, it was probably in the manga. -sigh- None-the-less, does Takuto come back Eicchi’s body? Please say it isn’t so.

  5. Takuto isn’t the re-encarnation of Eichi… Takuto is a member of the Route L band which Mitsuki’s father was in. Eichi is Eichi, who died in a car accident.

    I don’t know about this but I think Eichi became a Shinigami in the Manga 0_0

  6. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE EVERYONE? Clearly he or whoever is talking about the anime (note the pictures aren’t manga)and even if you haven’t read the manga Takuto is still part of Route L…JEEZ!!! This is my favourite anime and you are totally destroying it. Watch the whole series before you review it.

  7. Like many have said, Takuto has nothing in common with Eichi, which gives the anime a quite even sadder atmosphere (but one of the most beautiful atmosphere i’ve ever seen – and the best ending i’ve seen… really, i’ve seen somewhat over 100 series of anime, shounen, shoujo altogether).

    Takuto is from Mitsuki’s past? Quite true, but i don’t think Mitsuki has so much to do with it, as she was a little girl when the Route L was disbanded, and Takuto – being a member of it – didn’t really have the oppurtunity to meet with Mitsuki. Mitsuki’s father was the singer of Route L…

  8. I read Scanlations of the Manga last year sometime, and recently started buying the dvds. There is a major difference in the entire series. Regarding Yuugizbabe, I thought Eichi was a ghost throught the series. I could be wrong so don’t quote me on that. Just one question, in the anime does Takuto remember Mistuki after he’s reborn?

  9. um…. to my knowledge… Takuto doesn’t remember Mistuki after he’s reborn… but i would like to say that i really love the series….heehee

  10. You guys! In the end of the anime series Takuto remembers everything when he hears Merokos name and sees Mitsuke! Just rewatch it and see his expression and rememberance on his face! and in the anime Takuto is Takuto. He is not reborn as Eichi!
    In the anime they never say what happened to Eichi other than that he died.
    So…Eiche is Eiche and Takuto is Takuto. Takuto is a member from Route L! I should know I’m going through withdraw from just watching the ending like 5 minutes ago! ^_^!
    P.S. I have not read the manga and have no idea how it is in it! I did hear that it’s a lot darker than the anime.

  11. I’ve never seen the anime, but the manga certainly is dark. It’s made me cry because of the shinigami’s revealed past.
    So, let me get this straight. Takuto is reborn as Takuto and has no memories of Mitsuki, but then something happens and he remembers?
    I only have 5 of the 7 volumes of the manga because the others haven’t come to the U.S. yet, but someone said that Eichi would play an important part towards the end.
    I have a burning question, though. Someone said that at the end of the manga, Takuto and Mitsuki kiss onstage. Do they in the anime? Do they end up together?

  12. Ahhh!! I totally forgot!! What happens to Izumi!?

  13. ok, so takuto is reborn as takuto then? not eichi? well, who wrote that reveiw on the final episode then?! saying that takuto was reborn as eichi. it made everyone confused @__@ anyway, does mitzuki just end up being with takuto?? what happens to eichi then? is it just mitzuki and takuto? are they together now?

  14. oh wait.. “Problem is, Eichi died in a motorcycle accident and in reality has become Takuto, one of the two shinagami sent to look after Mitsuki, only he doesn’t know it because he ate some gomu gomu no baka. (Seriously, he ate the “forbidden fruit” and has since lost his memories of his mortal life.)” so, eichi became takuto?! so they’re one of the same person?! @o@ wow! i read the manga first.. so i had no idea on this. i haven’t even watched much of the anime yet. wow.. so different from the manga. so.. does mitzuki no about this? and it’s totally fine for takuto and mitzuki to be together sine eichi really is takuto?! @__@ ahh.. so mixed up. i think i like the manga a bit better..

  15. for the heck of it, i’ll just summarize what i remember added with what i’ve read so far on the comments.

    A. Takuto is a singer of Route L, and dies from a motorcycle accident either after losing his voice or because he was going to.

    B. Mitsuki’s Eichi was some random guy who died on a plane crash and… was harvested by shinigami-version of Takuto in the anime. he never comes back.

    C. Mitsuki knows that Eichi died and this somehow affects her mood/personality/something. i think it was a story arch.

    D. Mitsuki falls in love with Takuto the Shinigami. Takuto is revived from the time he does, except with his voice. No memories, but remembers them, courtesy of angel meroko

  16. The stuff that I heard in reviews and your reviews are totally so wrong! Takuto is the singer of Route L, the family doctor or ‘prince’ or whatever is the keyboard player or producer of the band, Mitsuki father was the guitar player.
    Eichi is so definitely NOT Takuto! Takuto is Takuto and none one will change that! Eichi died in a car accident! Takuto died on a motorcyle off a cliff! All together Takuto loves Mitsuki and Mitsuki loves Takuto! They only kiss like two times if you count the fist time as CPR when he saved her. All we know is that they are so gonna end up together! At the end Takuto’s memory raced back to his mind when he recognizes Mitsuki and Mitsuki says his name and that was it! We all know they are gonna to be with each other forever! This is the real deal people! All ya say are so fake! This is real! Believe me! I watched the anime so much I could practically remember every thing that happened! This is the anime one thats on TV! I’m gonna read the manga to see whats oing on and I think the Anime is better but they could have made it a little longer and added more to the ending or make a epilogue for gods sake or a sequel if its not much! Thats what all the freakin people want including me! TAKUTO AND MITSUKI FOREVER LOVE!

  17. Ok.
    Takuto is NOT Eichi, in any way.
    Takuto is a member of Mitsuki’s father’s Route L band, who killed himself after he found out he would have to lose his voice.
    Eichi, is Eichi, who dies after getting to America in a car accident 2 years before.

    In the manga, Mitsuki knows of this(Except the plane blew up or something that’s how he died) but just wanted to express her love for Eichi before she dies.

    In the Manga, Meroko TRUELY loves Izumi, and he loves her. Just thought I would add that. =)

    And Takuto isn’t Eichi, but got punishment for killing himself, so he became a shimigami, and they wipe out your memories when you train to become a shimigami, so that’s why he didn’t remember. (Then you remember when you become a full shimigami, I think)

    That’s why he could turn human, because he wasn’t a full shimigami YET.

  18. Alright in all the reviews I just read I have to say that you people need to specifically need to specify if your talking about what happened in the manga or the anime. Your getting them confused. It’s enough drive plenty insane.
    In the MANGA, you find out about Takuto’s life when Mitsuki hears his name talking to her manager in one their conversations. Her manager tells her that Takuto was once the lead singer in the band Route L that also had Mitsuki’s father. After awhile Takuto separated from the band and started a singing career himself going solo. Takuto did fine until he came down with throat cancer or a throat tumor which ever you prefer. Mitsuki realizes that he had the same problem as she. To stop the cancer from killing Takuto Mitsuki’s doctor, or the guy known as prince of Route L, performed surgery on Takuto. When Takuto awoke his voice was permanently gone ending his singing career. Takuto was so traumatized that he had lost his voice that he committed suicide by jumping off the hospital building, which he was operated in. Takuto after death lost his memories becoming a shinigami. If Takuto were ever to remember all his memories of him being human he would become a spirit. In other words disappear.
    To solve the confusion on Eichi, in the manga, Mitsuki meets Eichi when arriving to the orphanage. Eichi soon falls in love with Mitsuki and tells her he loves her then kisses her. Mitsuki, unsure of his actions, ran from Eichi. The next day an American family adopted Eichi. Before he left Mitsuki tried to tell him her feelings for him, still truly unsure what they were, and never told him. Mitsuki later hears on television in the orphanage after he left that he had died in a plane crash into the ocean.
    It would confuse you that Takuto would be Eichi because, in the Manga, Takuto’s first mission as a shinigami it to take the soul of one the plane crash passengers, Takuto himself stated. That would be Eichi he took the soul of.
    A phrase I have yet to understand would be that Takuto says in the manga that the angel he took the soul of left a curse on him. That would probably explain where Takuto’s feelings for Mitsuki come from.
    To clear one last thing, again in the manga, Takuto was asked by Mitsuki’s father, when he was part of the band, to name Mitsuki. He told Takuto he wanted her name to have the phrase ‘suki’ in it like her mothers. Takuto then said MITsuki. Thus became her name. Hope that clears things.

  19. In the anime, Izumi stays a Shinigami and he says that’s his punishment forever. Right now, in the manga (I’ve only read the first 5), we don’t know what happened to him…because Jonathon said, “I will become the master now.” And did something funny… We don’t know if he’s controlled or not yet. Yeah, this is the manga in English. Personally, I like the manga better because it has much better romances. ^-^

  20. Second season? I dident know that!!

  21. ok so i haven’t see the anime or read the manga, but i’ve heard alot about it, from all the reviews i’ve read i’m still a bit confused who is izumi? and if Takuto named mitsuki wouldn’t that mean that he’s old enough to be her father?! i’m confused…and where can i find the anime????

  22. the english anime hasn’t come out yet. it comes out June 27, 2006. But the Japanese manga…is on Youtube.com…or like…downloadable.

    And Izumi is another Shinigami that’s also come to take away Mitsuki’s soul but inevitably becomes friends with them. Jonathon is his sidekick. His old sidekick used to be Meroko…but he was getting to close to her and made her go with Takuto but now he’s jealous of that.

  23. Takuto named Mitsuki but then killed himself and became a Shinigami and no he wouldn’t be that old. He was about 16 when Mitsuki was born, I think… or maybe younger than that. Because he started his singing career at 12…and I don’t remember how long Route L. was together because Mitsuki’s parents got together and Mitsuki was born…but he’s not as old as Mitsuki’s father…or he wouldn’t have been. He was just a kid when they were older. ^-^; Now I’m even confusing myself!

  24. Hey, and also, the anime is split into 2 seasons…but there’s no real deifnition of the seperation between them. There are 52 episodes though and they have two different theme songs. ^-^ Yay.

  25. YOU HAVE IT ALL WRONG!!! I watched the WHOLE thing! Takuto is NOT Eichi!!!! Takuto was a friend of Aoi (mitsuki’s dad) and Eichi was just some other guy!! Takuto remembered his past so he disapeared but he didn’t turn into a ghost because he drank THE FLOWER OF FORGETFULLNESS not the forbidden fruit Sheeesh you have problems, well since he ate it, he didn’t turn into a ghost but instead a human and Mitsuki turned into an angel. Takuto met mitsuki again and well that’s the end… Whoever made this site thing has it all wrong.. Full Moon is my fav anime too and i know TONS about it.

  26. … eichi isn’t takuto…

  27. Hey every1 does any1 know where u can download all the fullmoon eps.

  28. Here u can download all eps of FM

  29. hey does anyone know if there will be a second season. cause i hated how the first one ended. i just want to know if they ended up together and if he remembered and stuff… *sigh* i just finished the last episode and it made me cry.

  30. do you mean 3rd season? i mean like did u watch up to episode 52?

  31. thanks for that dude

  32. hey errrr…. wat kind of player do u need to open the .rm files agger?

  33. actually dont worry about it.

    and every1 sorry for my bad grammar :)

  34. Everyone on here needs to read through all of the comments before replying, because had anyone done what I just said, you would have noticed that there were at least six people who clarified that TAKUTO IS NOT EICHI. It’s really obnoxious reading everyone get so worked up over something that has already been addressed.

    I have not seen this particular anime, and I have only read the manga through #4, but I like it a lot even if it can be a little melodramatic. (It’s a shoujo, after all.) However, I am aware of most of the spoilers. My only remaining question is: Does Eichi ever come back… EVER…? Because I’m really depressed knowing that Mitsuki could have a change of heart for Takuto unless she somehow got approval or closure from Eichi or his spirit… *tear

  35. lol… echi is already dead and he doesnt come back.
    instead mitsuki falls in love with takuto.
    and at the end takuto is reborn into a human and yeah…

  36. i watch all of it yesterday and its still fresh in my mind so i remember

  37. So, how does the manga end?

  38. in the anime series takuto was born as himself, he came back to life as himself, he was 16 and mitsuki was 13 because of her birthday, meroko went to heaven (im guessing cuz they dont explain it very well) takuto ate a flower petal that disolved in the water. i cried when he forgot.. :(… But yeah in a OVA i wish they would explain everything alot more clearly…. it was also sad that mitsuki couldnt see shinigami anymore, that would be useful considering if Izumi were to hurt her, she cant tell whats going on.. in any case the ending was the most beautiful i have ever seen and i cant understand it….

  39. and im pretty sure takuto remembers everything when hes holding merokos feather

  40. umm.. about the feather. the ending doesnt say that he remembers everything i just think he remebered mereko and mitsuki

  41. and if not so sure about it.. just download it from that website agger gave to me in the bottom middle somewhere..

  42. lol, yeah, it doesnt say anything about him remembering anything, it just implies it, so you are pretty much left for guessing

  43. i love FMWS it is awsome. The last episode though was very sad.


  45. This manga was awsome, but you people are apsolutely DESTROYING IT!!! Takuto does not reborn as Eichi!!! I think that only people like Full Moon should be accepted as a singer!^-^

  46. hey what happen to episode 53 and 54 and so on?!!! i really love that show?! what happen!

  47. Okay, you guys, you all are really screwing this up. Okay, well I have read all of the english volumes of the manga except for the last one. Does anyone know what happens in the last one? I don’t give a crap what happens in the anime, because from what I hear, the manga is so much better. Does anyone know what happens in the last manga volume?

  48. Ok I’m writing each character and their importance.

    Eichi: dies 2 months after arriving in America. Mitsuki’s really close friend, almost boy friendish

    Takuto: Part of Mitsuki’s dad’s band (Route L). Commits suicide after cancer forms in throat.

    Meroko: Takuto’s partner

    Wakajoui(doctor)- basically Mitisuki’s doctor, and was part of Route L (key boardist)

    Tanaka: HOusekeeper

    Grandma: name explains it all. Hates music, but learns to like it.

    Madoka: Full Moon’s Rival, but Mitsuki’s friend.

    Full Moon: Mitsuki’s changed form. Famous singer.

    There it is, the list of people. Enjoy.

  49. Ok the summary is off by a bit….. let me just re-cap 4 u.

    Mitsuki’s mother gets married to one of the memebers of route L. When she finds out she’s pregnet she tells her mother, but she dosent accept it. Mitsuki’s mother runs away an later on gives birth to Mitsuki, but Mitsuki’s mother dies in giveing birth to her duaghter. The band has split up an Mitsuki’s father passes away but Takuto (the lead singer of route L) still wants to sing but gets diagnosed with a tumor in the throut. He gets upset an ends up dieing in a motorclyle acciendent. Because he didnt live his life to the fullest he was turned in to a shinigami, his punishment.
    Meroko (unsaid on how she died) was parteners with Izumi, but when the boss retreved Takuto’s soul Meroko was re-partenerd with him. Meroko was upset because she was in love with Izumi but later she feel in love with Takuto.
    On there first mission they are set out to Mitsuki but when they arrive Mitsuki can she them. when takuto an meroko inform mitsuki that she only has one more year left to live she desides to go to an audition she made. when misuki arrives they turn her down cus she is to young so takuto allows her to turn into a 16 year old to audtion. of course she wins the audtion and starts her new dream career as a singer. As her cancer progresses she takes daily visits to her doctor (who was part of route L, but gave up music after the group dis-banded) mitsuki lies about the manager to the docotor saying she was in modeling and the plan was going well untill her lies cought up with her, she then had to tell her manager and the docotor about everything (her changing into a 16 year old and the 2 shinigami). After the situation was sorted out ( even thought the manager and the docotor were still alittle freaked) she continued with her singing career. As a singer she hoped to reach Eichi. Eichi was one of mitsuki’s friends at the orfanage she was at, till her grandmother adopted her. when she meet him she was drawing a picture of her passed mother and father in the sand box when a kid messed it up. misuki began to cry and Eichi came over to comfert her. they walked home together and it turned out that he was new at the orfanage as of that day. Everyday sence then they spent together but one day bad news arrived an eichi was adopted and had to move to america with his new family but b4 he left he gave mitsuki a pendent and made a promise that when they meet again they would both b closer to their dreams (mitsuki a singer eichi an astrounte), (mitsuki and eichi are 4 years apart mitsuki is 8 and eichi is 12 when they meet)
    At home with her grandma she isent allowd to listen to music (she dosen know about mitsukis singing) but still presistes on her dream. finnaly she wins a trip to america , but her grandma refuzes to let her go even thought her docotor says she should go becaues there is another docotor there that can cure mitsuki. bhind her grandma’s back she runs away to america with her docotor ( her new producer) and her manager. they set out to find eichi but something is wrong meroko and takuto have recived a message in there book that tells them when and if mitsuki’s life is indangered and in it is eichi’s name. takuto flys ahead to see y, but when he enters his room it smells of death so he begins to invesigate when he comes across eichi’s grandparents crying. takuto is shocked to hear that thay are all gone the 2 parents and eichi. when he tells meroko they try to stop mitsuki from going ther droping hints that hes not there that hes gone but she dosent belive them and goes to his house when the grand parents inform mitsuki that eichi and his parents all died in a auto acciennt 2 years ago, she is shocked and faints. when she wakes up she’s in eichi’s room and gets over whelmed and runs away. everyone is looking for her but takuto finds her foot prints in the snow and follows them when she finds her shes laying on a grave?! it’s eichi’s grave!!! b4 collapsing on his grave mitsuki decides to give up on life. takuto takes her away and they all (the manager, docotor, meroko, takoto and mitsuki) fly back to japan. but mitsuki has no more will to live nothing to work 4 anymore cus her eichi is gone. because of this her cancer gets worse and she is placed in the hospital. while she is sleeping her grandma is in watching her and her docotor is talking to his boss about mitsuki and have desided to fly the other docotor in from america to perform the opperation to remove her cancer. but the docotor is sent to go and give mitsuki the will to live because if she dosent have one then theres not point in the operation.
    In the hosipital room where mitsuki is Izumi apreas and tells her that she can see her beloced eichi and her parents again if she follows him she sollomly agrees and they make there way up to the top of the building where there is a beautiful veiw of a pond on the ground. she is about to walk off the side of the building!!!! when her gradma comes and findes her she tells mitsuki that she loves her and mitsuki turns around to walk back to her grand ma when Izumi pushes her off the builling!!!!!!!!! but her grandma jumps and grabs her hand in time and pulls her up. they stand on the top of the buliding together when the grand ma slips off the edge!!!!!!!!!!! mitsuki goes to save her but Izumi holds her back !!!!!!!! thinking that her grandma is dead she begins to cry when takuto flys up with her grandma in his hands but she is unconcious cause falling off of a building for a grandma is terrifying!!
    whe the docotor finds them on top of the building he checks the grandmother to see if shes alright. mitsuki is still depressed and takuto is convinced he can help her to have the will to live so he begins to tell her about his past in doing this he begins to turn into a ghost and meroko is upset and trys to make him stop but takuto is convinced that he can make her want to live again. finnaly after hes finnished telling mitsuki hes almost turned into a ghost but mitsuki begins to sing and her grandma wakes up and is fasinated cause thats the first time shes heard her sing. and in doing this she stops takutos transformation. mitsuki now has the will to live !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    takuto and meroko deside to sign ther hand book to show that they wanna change mitsuki’s fate. mitsuki desides she wants to have her last concert on the day of her death. of corse her manager and the docotor agree and make arrangments. the docotor makes arangments for mitsuki to have her oppertaion right after the concert. they all wanna change mitsuki’s fate!!!! but theres a problem takutos in pain hes getting ghosts transfermation attacks if u will. and his powers arent working!!!!!!! so meroko and mitsuki deside to get the only cure fir takuto ” the forget fulness flower” which lums in a cave in tge shiniagmi world meroko only has one chance to get it and it’s on the day of the eclips!!!! (*note* shinigami arent suppose to remember their past and in doing so they turn into a ghost)meroko goes through alot of pain trying 2 get the flower and only has a few minutes left till shes seled in the cave 4 ever!!! mitsuki begins to sing and gives meroko strength to press on and finish!!!mitsuki is unsure f giving the flower to takuto cus if she does that mean he wont rememeber anything that they did together!!!!
    One day when mitsuki is out side by the sea meroko put away her own feelings 4 takuto and tells mitsuki to go 4 takuto that takuto loves her and that they should b together. after hearing this mitsuki that night tell takuto that she loves him and they kiss!!!!he decides to take the flowers juice.but the concert it the next day and it didnt take effect yet!!!!
    in preparing for the concert its tme to go on stage to sting but the flower hasent taken effect yet!!! so meroko takes a pair of scissorsand cuts off her hair (when u give up something special to u ..in thins case meroko’s long hair, u give apart of u up) her hair then turns into a ring and inside the ring are meroko’s powers. she gave them to takuto and he transforms her in to full moon. when full moon is on stage the flower takes effect and takuto 4gets everything!!!! meroko tells takuto that the girl on stage is the one u love and tha this while soon b her last moment. but when he heard the song shes singing he starts turning into a ghost!!!!!!!! meroko trys to stop him but he turns into a ghost right under her. whats left of his is the dark shinagmi spirt and it flys of to attack mitskui but meroko jumps in front of it and mitsuki stops singing on stage!!!!!!! meroko insists on her singing beacuse she wants the last thing she hears to b her voice.this gives mitsuki strength to sing and in an instent they distaperead. once they disparead mitsuki starts turning back into a 12 year old in front of everyone!!! but Izumi saves her and creats a hollow grame so she can continue to sing!!!!!!! when the concert is over she is rushed to the hospital to perform the operation. while in the operation mitsuki’s pulse begings to weaking and goes flat!!!!!the very minute shes suppose to die!!!! But all of a suddon her pulse comes bak!!!!
    *scene flip*—– during the operation takuto is brought to a place where a fair lyes and then meroko apears the fair explains the crimes that they’ve made taking the forgetfulness flower and trying to stop mitsuki from dieng. takuto speaks up and says to take his life and give it to mitsuki the fairy is pleased and takuto dies, meroko is pset and tells tha fairy to take her life and give it to takuto. the fairy is smiles and says to her that fate has already been altread and that eventhough they have went against the shinigami way they have come very far. she says for takutos feelings 2wards a human and trying everything he can to save her is genuyine and gives takuto a second chance he turns him bak into a HUMAN!!!, then she tuns to meroko and say that sence she is so kind and loving she gave up so much the fairy turns meroko into an ANGLE!!!!!!!!!
    the next morning mitsuki wakes up she has lived!!!! she has concerd fate!!!whn she arives home she is saddened because takuto and meroko arent there. but when she looks up she sees meroko’s stuffed animal form and meroko makes mitsuki follow her to the other side of town. where there on the bench was takuto!!!! in a hury she runs after him but trips mitsuki gets up and yells TAKUTO!!!! and he turns around to see mitsuki there then all of a suddon meroko smils and whispers good luck i mitsuki’s ear and flys of leaving feathers everywhere. Takuto rememebers mitsuki opon looking at herup in a tree meroko sits watching and begins to cry……

    p.s ur best bet is to watch the episodes they are heart throubing and made me cry!!! i love full moon so much have fun and hope u understand!!^_^

  50. Well, I wasn’t really planning on buying the anime because of the expenses, and it really isn’t true to the manga. At all. I’ll probably wait until the last manga volume is and see how it ends, then buy the anime if I feel like it.



  53. ok i just wunt to know if,at the end of the last full moon ep. did Takuto get all of his memorys back?

  54. InuAngelInuDevil is right kinda eichi dose not die in a plane crash he dies in a car accident along with his family who addopted him mitsuki dosent find out till two years later. takuto was a former member of mitsukis dads band route L but he developed cancer in his throat the one like mitsukis and he got surgery and lost his voice his death was accidental he was trying to get away from his pain and start somewhere else he was driving in the rain when he lost control of his motorcycle and drove off a cliff after that he became a shinigami he was not reborn into eichi he never was and never will be after this he has his first soul to recover and that is mitsuki he and his partner meroko tell poor mitsuki that she has one year to live shinigami can not be seen by average people but somehow mitsuki can when they tell her the bad news she is heart broken but she wants to fufill her dream to become a singer while she still has time left so she tries to go to an audition for the next top pop star but there is one problem you have to be 16 to enter but mitsuki is only twelve after takuto and meroko learn this they try to help her by turning her into a 16 year old temperarly she aces the audition and becomes the singer full moon during her time as a star they run into many obstacles when mitsuki finds out that echi is dead she loses all will to sing and even to live! but takuto remembers his painfull past that was wiped out when he became a shinigami and helps mitsuki sing again there is just one problem if shinigami remember there past they loose there prowers and become gohsts never to be seen again!without takutos power mitsuki can not transform when she needs it most right before her live concert mitsuki and meroko go to the spirit world to find the only way to save takuto to get the forbidden flower of forgettfullness if takuto takes this he will forget the past get his powers back and not turn into a ghost but if he takes it he will forget mitsuki and meroko and every thing he has ever went through the past year and his whole life he takes the flower and confesses to mitsuki that he loves her.the flower dose not take immediate affect just in the worst time when mitsukis concert is happening now and there being called up next mitsuki cant change into full moon until takuto gets his powers back and that cant happen until he looses his memory meroko gives takuto her power to transform mitsuki before its too late mitsuki gets out just in time and give a good performance but even through takuto forgot his past he was turned into a ghost and meroko was sucked in with him. mitsuki gets the surgery and gets better and keeps her voice as for meroko and takuto takuto forgot and yet still sacrificed his life to save mitsuki and then meroko sacrificed her life for takuto but the lady(i guess the chief or god) saw there compassion and gave takuto another chance as a human but meroko graduated to an angel because she was a full shinigami and couldnt be turned back to a human mitsuki finds takuto and he still dose not remember until mitsuki screams merokos voice. and mitsuki and takuto live happily ever after as humans. this all takes place in the anime not the manga i know this for a fact i just fininshed watching every episode 5 seconds ago

  55. Takuto didn’t eat fruit! He had the flower in his drink! He wasn’t re-born as Eichi either. He was just re-born. And Meroko didn’t really graduate into an angel. You can’t. She couldn’t be a shimigami anymore and “fate” let her become an angel.

  56. The real (anime)story.
    Takuto was a member of ROUTE L, the same band Mitsuki’s father Aoi Koga was in. In the anime, it was Mitsuki’s mother Hazuki that named her. I’m not quite sure about the manga. Takuto is Takuto, and Eichi is Eichi. Both have no connection to each other. Takuto died in a motorcycle crash which he commited himself(suicide) because he had thorat cancer just like Mitsuki. Eichi in the anime died in a car crash, and in the manga he died in an aeroplane crash. The ending to the anime was that after Takuto became a ghost and Meroko disappeared while trying to protect Mitsuki in her final concert, they met this lady. Because Takuto wasn’t a full shinigami, he was forgiven and was granted one more chance to live while Meroko changed to an angel. But, because Takuto drank the dew from the flower of forgetfullness, he lost all his memories of when he was a shinigami and human. As for that is the real stroy and its not really certain that he remembers in the end.

  57. um i just read what you posted up and u said that Takuto was Eichi which is a NO WAY. Takuto is certainly not eichi and eichi is certainly NOT Takuto!!!! I watched Full Moon wo Sagashite recently and watched the whole anymore more than 3 times and im very sure of it!!

  58. Look let me finish the crap off..

    I’ve read the manga, and i’ve have watched the anime. Takuto in manga and anime is NOT Eichi. In the Manga, Eichi died in the plane to America. In the anime, he died in car crash. Takuto is the route L singer who had throat cancer just like Mitsuki and got so depressed he was riding his motorbike while raining in high speed, and he fell out of the cliff BY ACCIDENT. He didnt want to die!!!

    At the End, Takuto remembers Mitsuki and Meroko. Mitsuki will be with Takuto forever!!

    Mitsuki in the Manga, knew that Eichi died in the plane before she met the shinigamis,but in the anime she didnt know Eichi died until she got to America. At the end in the manga, Eichi sees Takuto and Mitsuki together and he flies up into the sky and it finishes. However in the anime they didnt mention about Eichi at all.
    The anime and the manga are totally different!! Hope every1 gets it clear!

  59. Full moon o sagashite is a realy good anime and Takto is not Eichi and who ever said that is pretty dumb cuz theres no way Takto is Eichi!
    I own the Anime and I’m Japanese and There will be a special OST to episode 52 but in the OST theres only 4episodes its a really good ending now in the OST it been three years and Mitsuki and Takto are singing in a new band together and there gunna get married but I’m not tellin anymore.
    Its really good don’t rent it BUY it.If you want to buy it Email me at san_diegogirl92@yahoo.com and I’ll special order it from my Friend.(she owns this anime store in Japan)

  60. I’m going to Korea and if anyone wants a copie of FullMoon OST DVD u better email me soon cuz I will not be checking my email when I’m in Korea ok.
    Sorry for the inconvenins

  61. OMG o_o i was reading what you’ve put and some remarks made on the fact that you’ve said TAKUTO COMES BACK AS EICHI!! i was like NUUUU..i havent read the manga yet but i’ve seen all 52 eps and THAT aint what happens *sniff* as many others may have said, this is may fave Manga and anime and i have read some of the manga NOT finding any such thing (thank god) but i think that Eichi does come back as Shinigami..i think..i mean why els would they continuously draw him AS shinigami xD oh well im not toally in the know but if thats true ill be incredibly confused..it would be a bit of a waist cos i like takuto as takuto and eichi as eichi hehe xxx luv bex xx

  62. Wow.. I just finished watching thr anime for Full Moon… and i must say… it just doesn’t compare to the manga. ;__; some of the voices don’t match the charas that well… and plot sems different too… it was okay for a manga to anime adaption I guess… >.> I seriously don’t know how you guys got Takuto is eichi and all that stuff… They totally ruined Izumi in the anime *super mad* He was totally better in the manga! IzuMero

  63. I was doing some research on Full Moon wo Sagashite because like most people I was angry at the unsatisfiing ending. I just couldn’t except that ending, so I looked on the internet and found out that there is a 4 episode OVA that goes after Episode 52 which takes place 3 years after the anime. I am not sure if this is true or not, because my source of information is very shady. I wanted to know if anyone has heard of this rumor? If they can clarify if this is fact or fiction. If anyone knows any info post it here. Im sure everyone would be interested in knowing if there was a sequal after episode 52. If you got any info on this email me at: starlight_sales@usa.com. Thank you so much!!

  64. Um… Don’t take the review seriously… it’s all just for fun. Ta-kun is not Eichi at all.. they hate each other.. well takkun does nyaaaa~ XD. The anime and manga are both diffrent. I’ve seen both, i know both ( It is my fav series after all). I can gladly tell you that Takkun is not eichi neither is he reborn as eichi. and OMG…. never read spoilers about Full Moon if you haven’t finished the series.. It’ll ruin the impact of a highly emotional rollercaoster.

  65. the ova thingy is true but it ain’t a sequel. and oh the things that all you guys are saying is true but your mixing the manga and anime up

  66. Wait a second…Takuto wasn’t reborn as Eichi! I saw the last episode, he still looked like Takuto. Mitsuki trips and calls out his name, and he turns and at first doesn’t remember, but Meroko’s feather brings it all back. I thought it was a disappointing ending, cuz it was so sudden, hope there’s an OVA

  67. Takuto isn’t reborn as Eichi~!!!!! on the last episode he was reborn as Takuto in human form and when Mitsuki calls out meroko he remembered some part of his shinigami life I guess. Eichi doesn’t even know who Meroko is and meroko just wanted Mitsuki to be with Takuto at the end

  68. Plain and friggen simple i havn’t watched the whole series BUHT i watched half the end and so furth some clips and read the series stories over and over sinc estupid outbe delted it! so Takuto is Takuto and Eichi is Eichi. TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE FROM MITSUKI’S PAST GOT IT? uyy..

  69. A.Takuto was (as far as I know) wasn`t reborn,he was like brought back to life. B.I do not think he was brought back as Eichi,or at least I hope not,also Eichi was an angel not a shinigami…I`m pretty sure,then again all of of my answers I have given have been mabeys,so I`m no help. If you`d like just disregard all of my info,lol! :)

  70. I want there to be another season i hate incomplete ending
    but i love anime :}

  71. ok takto didnt ever totaly die. it says he was half a shigigami because he was in a coma. so when he was given his second change he was just woken up from the coma. thus he didnt come back to life or come back as someone else.

  72. Good Grief man at least finish the ending before you review the anime. Looks like everyone already covered the fact that your review has many errors, so I won’t go into detail . But seriously

  73. u ppl got it all wrong

    takuto comes back as a human n evry1 just thinks he woke from a coma but once he saw mitsuki, he remembered evrything

  74. Everybody says takuto is eichi well he’s not read the manga the last few pages of the last book shows eichi up in the sky as a spirit and takuto down by mitsuki who is now about 15 and they are making out and stuff. gezzzz

  75. actually, takuto IS not reborn in to echii. You see her is the end: it made me cry so hard: Meroko, due to her kindness, finally becomes and angel, and takuto gets one last chance,still himself, to live, like he has allways wanted to. Mitsuki after her surgery, chases after the little stuffed version of meroko, to come across the real one, and the new takuto. As meroko says her last good byes, her new and bigger feather are falling, now, get ready to cry, with all her strenght mitsuki shouts meroko and takutos names, as you remember, she could never raise her voice,but now she can shout as load as she wants. as the feather are falling, and mitsuki shout merokos name, a feather falls into takutos hands. he then says Meroko? and then his eyes open wider and he gasps, because, he remember. it ends with mitsuki smiling at shocked takuto with her eyes filled with tears, and closes up on mitsuki desk, that has the neckless, music box, and now, i picture of her, meroko and takuto. It leaves you with alot of questions, which bothers me, since i just finished the series yesterday, but its at least happy. recap, mitsuki and takuto are in love and together, meroko finally goes to heaven, and izumi becomes a better person,shinigami,thing..my only big dissappointment is that no one ever shot down that floating sperm,jonathan..i hate that thing..gr..

  76. ok i read an comment about takuto being reborn as eichi without his memories…

  77. OMG…SERIOUSLY…if u all seen the anime/manga then yall would definatly know that TAKUTO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH EICHI..THEY ARE BOTH DIFFERENT PEOPLE…..cuz,,

    a) it wouldnt make sense if the first half of the stroyline eichi was alive and somehow takuto IS eichis reincarnation …(sp)
    b) takuto specifially said that in his past he was in a BAND…and eichi wants to be an astronaute…
    c) at the ending of the anime series Mitsuki is walking on the sidewalk and sees takuto with the keychains that she made for him and the key chains are DIRECTLY LINKED TO HIS **GUITAR CASE** meaning he was NOT reborn as eichi but he re-gained his life where it stoped….BECUASE IN THE MANGA (which the anime didnt really show very well..and quite frankly, not at all) takuto said that he woke up one day and found himself in a hospital saying that he was supposedly in a coma (BECUASE OF HIS ACCIDENT) so …therefore… 1)he didnt get reincarnated as eichi , 2) he didnt restart his life… 3) he just continued it like he was healed after his accident

    so to conclude he was in a coma and came back to Mitsuki …and btw takuto was in the same band as Mitsuki’s parents..if u guys were paying attention at all to the anime…cuz he was the lead singer and Mitsuki ‘s dad was like ..the guitarist or somthing..(cant remember) and her mom was just like a groupie or somthing…(fergot) …
    so yes, Mitsuki and takuto did know eachother but takuto only knew Mitsuki as a baby or child or somthing i think..

    but yah…yall are stupid …k thanks .

  78. yo dude!…ur stupid..dont review stuff even tho u hvent seen most of it…

    yah man..i totally saw gundam wing… i thought it was so awesome becuase of the pixie faries and the guy with his green outfit…i think his name was peter or somthing…like that…


  79. takto did not die when he crashed the bike he was in a coma thats why he was a bad shinigami in the end he awoke from his coma and fell in love with mitsuki AND WAS HUMAN BUT NOT ECHI

  80. Ok… I think we need to clear something up here. I haven’t finished watching the anime, but many people are SCREWING UP THE MANGA PLOT!! Geez, am I the only perceptive one here?

    When Eichi left for America with his adoptive parents the plane they were on CRASHED and left no survivors. As in, Mitsuki didn’t get to tell him she loved him because he died before she could call him in America and tell him she loved him too. She found out he died on the television when it was on the evening news.
    Her passion to become a singer is because she already knew she didn’t have a lot of time to fulfill her dream, but she wanted to do so before dying when she saw Eichi again because their promise was “when we see each other again, we will be closer to our dream”. It was never specified that when they met again it would be while living.
    Also, Takuto is the lead singer to the band Route L. The very same band that Mitsuki’s father was in. In fact, according to the manga, Takuto picked Mitsuki’s name. However, Takuto had also developed throat cancer sometime after Aoi and Hazuki eloped. Wakaoji didn’t ask Takuto about performing the surgery and just did it, which ended up leaving Takuto unable to sing- let alone speak. This resulted in Takuto trying to commit suicide however he was unsuccessful and resulted in him going into a coma.
    Suicide victims become Shinigami. Izumi, Meroko, Takuto, etc all committed suicide in their perspective timelines. As a result they serve as Shinigami. Yet, because Takuto did not completely succeed in his suicide attempt, he was only HALF a Shinigami. If Takuto would have become a full Shinigami by capturing a soul he would have died in the physical world.
    In the story, we see Mitsuki having the story of the Little Mermaid read to her by Eichi when she is pondering the commercial that she will be competing with Madoka for. In the memory, she recalls crying that the mermaid gave her life for the Prince. Eichi declares that he believes she sacrificed herself because she loved the prince so much that knowing he was happy was enough, and Eichi said that if it were him he would be happy if it meant he could see Mitsuki smile and knew she was happy.
    Which, at the end, when Mitsuki is healthy and Takuto recovers from his coma we see the Eichi calling out to Mitsuki as he is slowly dragged back to heaven. He fights against the pull, reaching out for Mitsuki but when he looks at her he finds her laughing happily at Takuto’s side. Content to see her smile, just like he said he would while reading the Little Mermaid to Mitsuki… he concedes to the pull into heaven and disappears.

    Now that we have that out of the way… stop messing up a good manga!! >:( Or I’ll eat you!!

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