gundam seed destiny 47

Blah, no fun posting stuff about episodes you can actually watch. My great prognastic skills says…

desperately needs nekomimi

R.I.P. Meer.

(Don’t worry, she’ll return blonde, scarred, and with a mask in Gundam Seed Double Destiny.)

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  1. Does this girl on the picture shown was Lacus or Meer??? i think that Meer was Lacus’ look-a-like….. What was happend to Cagalli in episode 47???? Did Neo and Ramius seen each other again????? thanks!!!!!!

  2. Episode 47 Follow-up

    Sure you want to know what happens? Ok, I’ll oblige..

    That’s Meer. Cagali no longer wears Athrun’s ring. And Mwu and Ramius end up taking a bath together… ;)

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