zaft no tame ni

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I found this nifty guide to predicting the possible ending to Gundam Seed Destiny. Oh, how will it end? A Kira x Rey Y4L ending? Lunamaria owns everyone? Or everything has just been Izak’s bad dream? I’m hoping for the “Minmay Defense” ending, and, if it turns out that Neo is not Mwu but actually Roy Fokker, I may forgive them for killing off Meer.

My major problem with GSD‘s ending arc is that toothless “Destiny Plan.” It sounds like the Chairman just wants to start creating the Abh Empire, which may not be a bad thing. The Abh from Crest of the Stars are genetically engineered for their tasks, and they cannot rebel because of their genetic engineering, which is precisely what the Chairman in GSD wants, and CotS is a pretty damn entertaining series and has some nice Lafiel fanservice… so why not? Toss in royal Abh harems… and, well, what are we waiting for? Let the Destiny Plan commence! ZAFT no tame ni!

Result of the Destiny Plan

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  1. What CotS series was that harem cap from…Banner III? I vaguely recall some discussion about forming harems, but I don’t remember seeing THAT!

  2. Yep, III. Just more proof Lafiel has him whipped, Jinto didn’t want a harem. :(

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