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I think I’ve read too much manga when I started thinking that there’s nothing abnormal or strange or weird about Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~. Ok, I confess, I knew nothing of this series and was only interested because of the, uh, title. At the start of the story, there’s one guy, Hazumu, who fits in nicely with every single other typical harem male doormat out there, and there’s two girls in his life — Yasuna — the one who he loves and — Tomari — the one who loves him. Only this manga doesn’t seem to go that direction becuase he ends up confessing to the love of his life, Yasuna, before the first chapter is over. She rejects him because she’s a lesbian. He gets depressed and gets run over by a spaceship (see, nothing abnormal here, seen this before… FLCL, Birdy the Mighty, UFO Princess Valkarie…). Of course, the aliens decide to revive poor Hazumu not as a male but as a female (again, nothing unusual… Pretty Face…)… but is female Hazumu good enough for Yasuna? Will Tomari till love female Hazumu? Why is Zach from DOA in this manga? Can we get Nami to start calling Wataru, “o-ne-ii-chan” too? Is this considered shoujo-ai, shoujo, shounen, or what?

Fans of genderbending dramas such as Bridget, Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa, and Pretty Face should check this out…

(Translations available from Hashihime.)

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  1. *drools* This makes my day, as I was in a terrible mood from having watched Mai Otome. xD

  2. I found out this is getting a TV series in 2006. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it… *gets shakey and drools* http://www.kasimasi.com/

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