lacus by a mile

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Thank you for everyone who voted in the Lacus vs. Meer poll. Somehow, I’m not surprised at the results… haven’t seen a landslide like that since the old sba Belldandy vs. Skuld/Urd/Peorth polls.

New poll on most promising new show… the contenders: Aria, Black Cat, Blood+, Cluster Edge, Jigoku Shoujo, Mai Otome, Shakugan no Shana, and To Heart 2.

EDIT: If you’re voting for other, let me know what the series is, and I’ll add to the list…

EDIT2: Fixed the image link. The image is from one of the old Lacus kits from Seed… don’t know which model number specifically.

2 Responses to “lacus by a mile”

  1. When you pit a “clone” against the original, the original wins most of the time. Meer may have the bounce-factor, but Lacus always has the charm from the fanboys. ;)

    By the way, your full-size image doesn’t work. Is it from a resin kit picture?

  2. omg omg omg OH MY GOD!!
    That’s one freakin good picture of Lacus!!
    *sets as wallpaper*
    oh wait, it’s 1600×1200 :(
    i need 1280×1024 :S

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