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Anime Blog Toshokan is an anime blog RSS aggregator. The goal is to provide a quick snapshot of what’s going on in the community and to provide better links than what Technorati spits out (i.e. I only index English language anime blogs). As one can see, design and naming cues are taken from a certain BitTorrent site.

How do I get my blog added?: If I read your blog regularly, you’re added. If I don’t know your blog, you need to either leave a comment here or e-mail me at blog at verthandi d0t net and leave your RSS URL and then also link back to AoMM. Please note that all requests made outside of either this thread or my inbox will be summarily ignored.

What blog software are supported?: Newest versions of WP, MT, and Blogger. Other Blog software capable of generating RSS2 or Atom feeds should work as well. MSN Blogs are not supported, and I do not plan on supporting it anytime soon.

What blogs are indexed?: All blogs currently aggregated are listed on the page’s sidebar.

How does it access feeds?: Just uses WordPress’ built-in Magpie RSS reader. Anime Blog Toshokan identifies itself as “WordPress” so please allow that user agent. Also, allow to access your feed directory and your favicon if you have anti-bot and anti-hotlinking protection.

When are feeds updated?: Should be about every hour. The script crawls sites one-by-one so if a few feeds time-out, it’ll be a bit longer. On average, it has been around an hour and eleven minutes.

Tip for blog authors: I recommend limiting RSS entries to roughly how many posts you would normally post in 5 days. Also, I recommend sending on excerpts rather than entire articles since the script will truncate the post anyway. It’s probably better that the author does this instead of the software, which just has an arbitrary cutoff. Also, it’s easier on my database if only excepts are sent. ^^;

Tip for blog readers: You can now access through as well. Slightly easier to remember the name.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please leave your RSS URL (not site URL) if you want to be included.

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  1. yaaaaaay!!! i sooo love this site its so cute!!plese viset my outher site!!! plleeesse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cute bridge bunnies on my mind!!!! oowwwww!!!! i serously need people to come on my 2 sites!! so orange rage anime is itsumakyo and maiyas random anime toughts is on chibi people orange rage anime is sligtly more mature like i say shut up and stuff so my mom wolnt ever find that one so i made 2 one that my mom knosw about and the outher shel never find out!!! yay steltheyness!! so itsumakyo is new so plese help it get up & running plese comment and i’l help you out to like fore ever bcuse your sith is kawii and stuff
    p.s I am mostly from Japan dont beleve my bf! gotta go my bro or my mom is comming!!

  2. Holy shit, maiya. Calm down… please… you’re scaring the meidos. :(

  3. Cool I have been indexed. I usually have to add my site to this type of stuff. Looks great and its a great idea.

  4. Well this certainly is an admirable goal. It looks pretty good so far, and there don’t seem to be any problems that need to be overcome. There have been a few such attempts to aggregate the animeblogger community, but they have not turned out successfully. I wish you luck with this endeavor.

    Also, I’d much appreciate it if you indexed wakaranai, thanks.

  5. Add me in too. Being a blog addict, this is gonna be a very freqeunt site I’m gonna use.

    My site is at

  6. Washi, Kurogane: added both. Hope you enjoy the service.

  7. Great Service! It would help out with organizing which blgos updates. :D

    Thanks in advance for adding us.

  8. Kozumura: added. I like Keroro as well. :)

  9. Add my blog as well. The link is in my name.

  10. Phoenix512: added. Solty Rei looks interesting…

  11. Hi Jason, could you add my blog as well? Thanks :)

  12. kawaii: added. Uh, that was a short hiatus.

  13. Hope you wouldn’t mind adding the blog Ronin-san and I share. Just click on my name. ^^

  14. Um, can’t find your feed… what’s the URL for it?

  15. This is a great idea indeed! I wonder if you could add my blog, the URL is:

    … i hope the fact that it is in spanish doesn’t mean a problem.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Sorry, English only for now. When the demand for other languages reaches a critical mass, I’ll re-consider.

  17. Woops! Sorry! ^^;;;

    Anyway, here’s the URL –

    Thank You! ^-^

  18. Hmm.. Does it take a while for it to refresh itself and fetch the latest posts from the other blog feeds?

  19. Dav: added. Your blog does not display right in Firefox. I think there’s one too many clear tags.

    bakaboobie: so far, on average, less than 2 hours.

  20. Arrogant as I am ^_~ Please add me, too!!

  21. Thanks for adding me! ^^
    In Firefox? Um…. I’m using Firefox and it displays just fine. But I know there are layout problems when it’s displayed in Internet Explorer though. ^^;

  22. As Washi said, good luck with this. It’s such a great idea. It’s be great if you could add Pretty Scythe to the index. :)

  23. Mina, newt: added.

    Dav, here’s a screenshot. The title is on top, but the content is on the bottom.

  24. Yatta! Thanks a lot *proud*

  25. Oh…. I see what you mean ^^. The layout becomes distorted like that when I view the blog in IE, but in Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox browsers, the site looks like this
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 1

  26. Dav, I took a quick look at your code. It looks like you use a style=”clear:both;” in the div tag before a post title. Since you only have a float for the right column, you don’t really need “clear:both;”. Probably don’t need a clear, or maybe a clear:left. My quick 30s guess.

  27. Oh dear… Yes, you’re right. Should’ve noticed that. Will get down to it if possible. Thank you for letting me know. ^^

  28. Please add my blog too~

  29. Dark Mirage: added.

  30. Yay for bumping, but I was wondering if you were still accepting new blogs. If you are, then:

    Thanks in advance. (Btw, Nice site. ;))

  31. psgels, where’s your RSS feed? I can’t seem to locate it.

  32. Awesome service your providing here. It would be great if you could add my blog as well.

    Thanks much.

  33. hack, added.

  34. I really like Toshokan’s interface, it’s a lot quicker to follow than the technorati aggregator.

    Could you add my blog (Anime My Ass) as well? (atom 1.0)

  35. james, I disabled the feed from your site. The date codes in your atom feed do not get read correctly and causes the script to keep pulling the feed. If you have a RSS2 feed, please provide that. Otherwise, I will look into this when I get more time.

  36. Jason: I believe the date formats changed between atom 0.3 and atom 1.0, and this is where the problems stem from. Also, some of the field names changed as well. I coded this blog from scratch, so I went for atom 1.0 thinking I might as well use what’s current. So far it’s turned out that hardly any readers can use it =P. The only one which seems to get it correctly is Sage, the reader extension for firefox.

    In either case, I just added an RSS2 feed last night, the URL is:

  37. I changed the feed over to the RSS2, and everything looks OK.

  38. Hey,
    This is a cool idea! I put a link to you on my blog. Could you check out my blog and add it if it’s cool enough to add? I’m just beginning but I hope to post a lot more stuff soon. Thanks.


  39. hung, added. Good luck with the new blog.

  40. hey, jason. I want to tell you that my anime blog has been moved. I would like for you to delete for3v3rzero from the list and to please add my new blog, Anime Life. I’m still using wordpress. I’m really not sure what the link to the feed would be? perhaps?

  41. No problem. Changed.

  42. Hello. I am Rainy. Could you please add my little anime blog to your aggregation service? My RSS url is at
    I am sorry for the trouble I caused.


  43. Hey,
    First I’d like to say thanks for this awesome service. My blog has gotten most of its traffic from anime blog toshokan, and I’ve discovered quite a number of cool blogs here myself. Secondly, I’ve noticed that my feeds haven’t been shown recently. I haven’t done anything to my rss or anything either. If you’ve got time, could you take a look at why it’s not picking up my feed? It’s still located at



  44. Hi,
    Please disregard that above post I made. I’m thinking it was on my end. I upgraded to WP 2.0 and it fixed the problem. Thanks anyway!

  45. Hello! Love this project! I just started my blog recently and was wondering if it could get added. Thanks!

  46. deft, added.

  47. awesome jason, thank you! keep up the good work.

  48. Hmm.. it seems the new version of Bad Behavior, by default, prohibits the access of the RSS Feeds from my blog.

  49. jason,
    one more thing. So I was originally going to make my blog about anime and other stuff, but I’ve decided to just focus on anime and manga and other related topics, so could you change my feed to the whole rss feed instead of just the anime category? You can do it by using this:

    Thanks a billion!

  50. baka, one word: Akismet.
    Hung, updated.

  51. Hi- Another new blog, would appreciate the scan!

  52. chad, you have, uh, zero content. I’ll check back once in a while over the next month, and if you have a steady diet of content, I’ll add you.

  53. Hi, here is new blog too. I would be happy if you add it.

    RSS url:

  54. atom.xml

    Please check it out. Irregular, but maybe interesting. I’m the only person so far who likes Lemon Angel Project, lol. Seiyuus are a major interest. Thanks for your site. I’m now an addict.

  55. Anga, hash, you both need more content. I’ll wait a month, and if you have a steady diet of content, I’ll add you.

  56. This is Clem, from Sporadical. May I request an add? ;]

  57. Good work!
    Check my new anime blog, “Shoujo & General Weblog”

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