baseball and anime… ?

Last month, I said, “If I can only give one piece of advice, it would be that posting about every single episode of a series will only wear you out and will eventually sap the fun of anime blogging.” and that came to my mind as I was reading Jason Fry’s (Wall Street Journal columnist) adventures in blogging baseball:

I also wasn’t prepared for how much work blogging was. Baseball already took up three hours a night; now it took up four — at least. Blogging about a thrilling extra-inning win was easy; blogging about a dull-as-dishwater loss wasn’t.

But dealing with the mechanics of blogging was less enjoyable. A blog is like having a beloved but balky old roadster: You’re always tinkering, and things are always breaking.

Considering that my mysql server went down today… mmm… very timely. Anyway, the article is a good read, and a lot of it should sound familiar to any anime blogger. Still, I believe that the most important thing about blogging is to not get stuck into a rut. Jason Fry blogged 190 days in a row on top of an already demanding job– yeah, I can see how that can lead to burnout. It’s not a sprint; it’s not even a marathon; it’s about stopping by and appreciating the nekomimi meido.

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  1. Speaking of your server, is there something wrong with your script with the RSS-feeds? It’s not loading anymore.

  2. It went down yesterday with the server, but it is working fine now.

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