mai otome chapter 1: mashiro is a man

Remember that Mai Hime manga didn’t match up with the anime, but after reading the first chapter to Mai Otome manga, I’m surprised at how different it is. I mean… Mashiro was originally male and requested to be changed into a female. Then there’s they panty shots, the smooching, the S&M, the charaters mixed up again (Haruka isn’t an otome; there isn’t a Sergey Wong)… it’s like comparing Girlfriend of Steele to Evangelion. Interesting take, and definitely worth a quick read just for Man-Mashiro. Grab a copy here.

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  1. Mashiro is a guy? I had thought she was a gal who was pretending to be a gal…

  2. I Felt The Same Way After Reading The Manga…It Was Kinda Starnge To Me

  3. Eventhough, the strange story spin, its a good thing for a fan to indulge! Moreover, this is the first time I read a Beautiful Action Manga. I’m kinda hooked to Mai Otome since I watched episode 7 onwards.

  4. ive been keeping up with the otome manga, its up to volume 4 now, and i think its 17 times better than the manag. makes me with they had animated this and relagated the crappy tv show to print, the comedic timing is great, and it feels more like a sequal to Hime than otome anime did

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