pani poni dash 17

“As long as Becky is happy, then everything is all right.” Then Maho goes after Rei with a boxcutter…

Pani Poni Dash continues to cater to that lucrative hardcore fanboy demographic by dressing Becky and her class up as meido under the auspicious premise of having a cafe for a school festival. I’m surprised it took 17 episodes before nekomimi meido Becky makes her appearance. There’s really not much to this episode beyond gawking at the meido outfits as the story is highly simplistic, even for PPD. There’s two storylines, one where the class is trying to make money with the cafe (I’d visit!) and one where Becky is going around exploring the school festival. Neither are really that interesting and rely too much on sight gags that completely escape me sometimes. Whenever I watch PPD, I wonder how the Japanese can watch something like Family Guy, which is chock full of American slight gags (i.e. like Big Bird randomly appearing and punching Peter). Maybe I just don’t watch enough Japanese TV.


As for this episode of PPD, there’s no great conflict… well, there’s really not a lot of conflict at all. Still, beyond the moe meido appeal, there are a few great moments for people who follow the series, like the continuing battle between Mesousa and Kami-sama and courage, Ichijou’s mysterious box, Behoimi’s fondness for dogs, and… uh… have I mentioned nekomimi meido Becky?

Omega nekomimi meido of the year?

The OP, which seems to continuously change with each episode, is the Rei version of Kiiro Vacances, and Rei’s seiyuu just cannot sing and tries to take the song too seriously… unlike Rokugou’s version of Shoujo Q (episode 24) where Rokugou’s seiyuu completely messes up the “Q” to humorous effect. Though I’m always fond of series that change their OP frequently. Just for the record, I prefer Maho’s version of Kiiro Vacances, Ichijou’s version of Roulette Roulette, and Horie Yui’s version of Shoujo Q.

Lastly, Equin0x has made a great vector of meido Kurumi that I wanted to point out.

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  1. Episode 17’s OP is by Kurumi(Kana Ueda), her only performance so far. Rei did 11, 13, and 16. I agree Rei takes it a bit too seriously, but Kurumi sounds like she’s having fun.

  2. I really loved this episode. Two reasons why: plenty of Rei and meido. Can it get any better than that?

  3. I really don’t know why I like this series. FLCL makes more sense than this and FLCL is just plain nuts. Of course, I have not seen many anime of this genre. I also agree that this episode is sort of tame compared to the other episodes.

  4. It’s like Narg’s wet dreams on acid.

  5. Kaze-san, oh damn, you’re right. I can hear it on the first “nee”. Again, complete randomness on the OP.

    scott… two words: Excel Saga.

  6. For some reason those last 2 big picturez above (the one with the characters eating the cake and Becky doing that cat stance thing) reminds me of Tokyo Mew Mew.

  7. Actually, Becky doing the cat stance is a reference to the default opening animation for Tsukuyomi Moon Phase.

  8. i have one question about the anime

    when will the last 2 epps get subed!

  9. I do agree about the opening songs ne. The 1st version of those songs are much better. On my opinion, it’s because these seiyuu are veterans in jpop music (especially Fumiko Orikasa and Horie Yui).

    I don’t know about Ai Nonaka’s singing performance level though, coz I haven’t heard any of her album’s songs (I just listened to the music samples of the albums found in her official webbie, but I wanted to hear the full version of those). But listening to her own version of “Roulette Roulette” makes me think that her style of singing is much like Aya Hirano and Megumi Hayashibara coz of singing naturally while having a high-pitched voice (which turned out quite well, in my opinion). I think she can be a good jpop singer.

    I’ve been a fan of Horie Yui, and since the first time I listened to her song “Yakusoku”, I’ve listened to every song in every album. I wish I had a original copy of any of her album though. T__T In “Shoujo Q”, she sings in the same natural voice you heard on her past albums, which is a good thing for me. :D

    Fumiko Orikasa voice talent is so much like Megumi Hayashibara. Anyone agree? :D Anyways, her songs in most of her albums are in serious matured voice. But “Kiiroi Vacances” is an exception, coz the moment I listened to it, it made me remember of Megumi Hayashibara’s “ZETTAI part II”, y’know, one of Ranma 1/2’s opening songs where she sang in “female ranma” voice.

    Well, these are just my own views, so correct me if I’m wrong. :D

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