black lagoon anime

Black Lagoon is turning into an anime series… the best part of the series? Mad Dog Meido. For people unfamiliar with the manga, it’s typical “loser Japanese guy hooks up with hawt female pirate and stereotypical black dude.” Go visit Akatsuki Manga for more info. Honestly, when the $!@#!@ is Nagasarate Airantou getting its own series? Amaenaideyo somehow gets a sequel but no love for Suzu? I don’t get it at all.

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  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing since I first read the manga–Airantou would be a great anime series. I mean, it’s on a tropical island that’s all girls and one guy. Can you say, cha-ching? How could it NOT make money? The manga’s got some hilarious moments too, which is just icing on the cake. Maybe someday…

  2. Your oppion scks ;0
    Geta job and make your own anime.

  3. go back to the boon box nubshine you’re abusing you’re right to have an opinion.

  4. I cant speak for anyone but myself.! ! ! SO I wont. I just completed the whole series and was drawn in by yhe art and some of the story line. This is really good stuff.
    Im on a ship out to sea so I have some little more time theN MOST.
    i DONT KNOW ABOUT ANYBODYS BEEF ABOUT WHY WHAT AND WHAT didnt make the tube but hey watch it all our your are just might find youll like. Let the other writters do whst they know ho to do. Who ever was piCking what to produce didnt think somETHIN WOULD WORK OR MAYBE BE A LIITLE TO MUCH, WHAT EVER THE CASE. lET IT go AND GO ON WITH YOU LIFE..

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