best of 2005: jailbait

If Skuld can’t get on this list, you know that 2005 was a banner year.

Best Jailbait of 2005

Winner (5 way tie): Enma, Jigoku Shoujo; Mashiro, Mai Otome; Fate, Nanoha A’s; Becky, Pani Poni Dash; Shana, Shakugan no Shana

Shana, for the melon bread.


Becky, for nekomimi mode.


Fate, for that black outfit


Mashiro, for being Otome Mashiro rather than Hime Mashiro


Enma, if I’m going to hell for this post, I’d want her to ferry me there

Honorable Mentions: Dokuro, Dokuro-chan; Anna, Izumi, Mitsuki, He Is My Master; Aoba, Jinki:Extend; Primula, Shuffle; Yurie, Kamichu; Karin, Karin; Aisha, Da Capo SS; Wendy, Gun x Sword

Lifetime Achievement Award: Entire Cast, Ichigo Mashimaro

Gratz… I think

Best Mahou Shoujo of 2005

Winner: Behoimi Pani Poni Dash


She’s cute. She helps kids. She defuses bombs. She’s insecure about herself. What more do you want in a magical girl? Actual magical girl powers?

Honorable Mentions: Agnes, Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo

As for Agnes, I think it’s a telling sign for anime fandom when being in your twenties is considered old.

Best Transformation Sequence of 2005

Winner: Nanoha and Fate 2.0, Nanoha A’s


I got the chills watcing their 2.0 transformation sequence for the first time during episode 4. If only Vestige from T.M. Revolution played in the background.

Honorable Mentions: Powered Natsumi and Mahou Shoujo Natsumi, Keroro Gunso; Agnes, Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo

Anytime a magical girl outfit is based on a school swimsuit, that’s a win right there folks. And any transformation sequence from the MoO staff will probably make it on this list as well.

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