best of 2005: mecha and designs

Today we look back on the mecha from 2005.

Best Giant Robot of 2005

Winner: Strike Freedom, Destiny

And piloted by Thunder God Kira Yamato, the combo can take on any other other giant robot from 2005. Honestly, I think Kira should have just destroyed Athrun and grow his harem with Meyrin and Meer.

Honorable Mentions: Nirvash, Eureka seveN; Dann, Gun x Sword

I still can’t get over the skateboarding aspect of Eureka seveN. It reminds of me of the Poochie Simpsons episode where the marketing guys dictate character design. “You know what’s cool? A robot that acts like Tony Hawk!” And Gun x Sword did the right thing at the end and eventually turned into a harem series. I’m glad that Van has a harem.

Best Doll of 2005

Winner (Tie): Powered Natsumi Master Grade, Keroro Gunso; Suiseiseki, Rozen Maiden Träumend


Unlike certain mobile suits, Powered Natsumi finishes off her prey.


I think she lost a step from the first series, but I still love that wicked doll.

Honorable Mentions: Johnny, Mahoraba; Boogie, Karin; Suigentou, Rozen Maiden Träumend

Johnny needs to get a detective hat and a magnifying glass.

Best Weapon System of 2005

Winner: Yurie’s Handwriting and a Squid, Kamichu


Kiki Yurie managed to fend off the SDF with just three pieces of paper and a squid (possibly related to that squid in Futakoi Alt?), and her handwriting sucks. Could even Yoriko or 623 pull this off? (Cookie for people who get both sides to that attempted joke.)

Honorable Mentions: Velka Cartridge System, Nanoha A’s; Bahamut, Advent Children; DRAGOON, Destiny

Everytime I see a cartridge being loaded, I keep thinking of Potemkin. I enjoyed the Bahamut fight in Advent Children, as that was probably the high point of that movie. I have fixed feelings about funnels… they are pretty cool, and I enjoyed them on Powered Natsumi; still, the ones on Strike Freedom pretty much ruined the balance of Destiny.

Best Landscapes of 2005

Winner: Kamichu


Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful, and it gets points for not taking place in Tokyo.

Honorable Mentions: Jigoku Shoujo; Noein

For all the sunsets and scenes of Enma bathing. For all the sunssets and scenes of… uh… Haruka bathing (indoors).

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