best of 2005: op and ed

Openings are judged by a combination of animation, music, and how well it leads into the show. In 2004, Nekomimi Mode ran away from the competition. In 2005, it was harder to decide.

Credit rolls are judged by how much they keep my attention after the show’s over.

Best Opening of 2005

Winner (three way tie): Kiiro Vacances, Roulette * Roulette, Shoujo Q, Pani Poni Dash

Becky’s class C is the best ensemble since Goddess Fantastic Club, and the openings make no sense at all– perfect for PPD. These three are addicting songs with strong choruses. I’m also a fan of how they can’t seem to decide which OP to air… Kiiro Vacances one ep, then Shoujo Q then Rokugou’s version of Shoujo Q the next (at least with Tsukuyomi, there was a reasoning). Toss in a liberal sprinkling of kawaii Becky and some nonsensical maho, and we have a worthy trio to succeed Nekomimi Mode and Tsukuyomi Mode as Best OP. Mawaru mawatteku… indeed. BTW, here’s a poll conducted by a Japanese site, and these three all made its top ten.

Honorable Mentions: Ichigo Complete, Ichigo Mashimaro; Sakasama no Chou, Jigoku Shoujo; Home & Away, Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo

Mashimaro‘s ensemble isn’t bad either, but they only have that one song, so the award went to PPD. I really liked Snow’s Sakasama no Chou. Sullen and moody song that nails the atmosphere of the show dead on, and then there’s Enma with the cherry– that’s worth points. Melocure’s Home & Away was surprisingly fun to listen to, and I found myself going, “Wow wow yea yea.”

Yes I’m Still Bitter There Wasn’t Any GFC Song Award: ああっ女神さまっ

Best Stealth Panty Flash in an Opening: Hisouku no Sora, Shakugan no Shana

Best Credit Roll of 2005

Winner: Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo, Shakugan no Shana


I’m generally impatient and don’t care for watching credit rolls or next expisode previews, though images of loli Shana is one way to keep me watching. This song actually kinda pumps me up to watch the episode, and it might be a better opening than Hisouku no Sora… it just needs upgraded visuals from just scans of the novel covers.

Honorable Mentions: Houki Boushi, Bleach; Otome wa Do My Best Deshou?, Mai Otome; Kanashii Yokan, Tsukuyomi

Houki Boushi‘s probably the best song, but I docked it points for being Bleach, and I rail on Do My Best enough that I think I owe it something. It is way too happy, way too sappy, way too generic, and way too fitting of Arika’s character. Technically, Tsukuyomi was a 2004 series (since I alreay gave it an award for 2004, but the animated Kanashii Yokan credit roll didn’t appear until 2005 (episode 20). Why did they finally decide to animated the ED with only five episodes left? Oh, well, Hazuki bouncing around the moon = win in my book.

Best Next Episode Preview Award of 2005: Mahoraba

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  1. Haven’t you heard “Life” by YUI? I, unfortunately, have been keeping up with the latest Bleach episodes, and I can safely say that “Life” is the best Bleach ED to date. :/

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