best of 2005: harems

I always find it entertaining when a non-harem series protagonist develops his own harem, and it’s even more entertaining when the harem-like stories become more enjoyable than the real plot, a la the Fray/Lacus/Cagali/Athrun/Kira love pentagon in the original Seed. So we start off Best of 2005: Harems with…

The Kira Yamato Memorial Most Inexplicable Formation of a Harem of 2005

Winner: Van, Gun x Sword

Let’s see… has the little sister role covered with Wendy, the old friend role covered with Carmen, the too much sexual innuendo role covered by Priscilla, and Van even has Joshua for his Y4L.

Honorable Mentions: Shinn, Destiny; Yuji, Shakugan no Shana; Izumi, He Is My Master; Becky, Pani Poni Dash; Mesousa, Pani Poni Dash

How Shinn gets any woman, let alone Lunamaria, is a mystery. Then I remember this is the same anime that gave us Mr. Impossible coming back from the dead and Wings of Word for an OP. I counted Mesousa in this category… he has National Monument and Kami-sama for his harem, doesn’t he? I’m tossing him a bone with this one…

The Most Sickly Harem of 2005

Winner: Rin, Shuffle


Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone in Rin’s harem eventually gets sick? And then Rin goes off saying, “I should pay attention to the other girls more,” but he never does? Repeat four times and then we have Kaede going Lucy on Asa.

Honorable Mention: None

Best Harem is “if you can have the harem of any character from 2005, who would it be?” and judges on the quality of the harem, not the quality of the harem series (that’s for the finale).

Best Harem of 2005

Winner: Kouno, To Heart 2


Points for having twins, meido, everything and zero Y4L. Though I’m not sold on Tamaki… people keep saying that she’s the next Rei. Uh, isn’t that like saying “Phillip Rivers is the next Joe Montana?” Let’s not get premature here.

Honorable Mentions: Athrun, Destiny; K1, ああっ女神さまっ; Yukinari, Girls Bravo 2; Shizuru, Mai Otome

Meer? Meyrin? And toss in Cagali? Win. But poor Athrun loses points only because he still stares at Kira sometimes like how Shana stares at Yuji. K1 gets docked points because Bell isn’t as fanservicable as the TH2 cast, while the GB2 cast is a step behind as well (no twins). I’m wondering if Shizuru will get Shizuru’ed herself in Mai Otome, especially with some many girls fawning over her. Mai Otome is the anti-Cluster Edge.

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  1. >>I’m wondering if Shizuru will get Shizuru’ed herself in Mai Otome

    The exact same sentiments I was having, LOL.

  2. >>I’m wondering if Shizuru will get Shizuru’ed herself in Mai Otome

    Oooooh… I think I’d like to see that (and Natsuki beating Tomoe or whom ever off).

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