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Sister Princess was a hit manufactured from Media Works’ G’s Magazine and milk it they did. Through just mysterious “letters to onii-sama,” they spawned a full anime series that portrayed twelve loving sisters and their overtaxed onii-sama. While not spectacular on any aspect, it didn’t disappoint and was pretty enjoyable (even with the uncomfortable Wataru x Akio y4l scenes). RePure took the original concept and make it more artsy, and then really caught my attention when Chikage tried to jump poor onii-sama… but at least they put the girls in meido outfits before it was done. I didn’t expect much “plot” or “character development” from a magazine featured turned anime, but SP delivered its moe in spades. It’s most defining quality? It didn’t detract from the dozen sister moe. That was what SP was originally about, and that’s what the anime delivered.

Then Media Works retired SP and cranked on Futakoi. The concept? Six sets of twins who all fall for the typical harem loser male. When they announced the inevitable anime adapatation, I expected something along the lines of SP or RePure… the story may be vanilla, but twin (and twincest) moe? Pure hot fudge with whipped cream and a cherry on top. But what did we get with Futakoi? One poorly drawn series with a really unlikable male lead and an inexplicable and unforgivable goat. Another slightly better drawn series that forsakes the entire moe twin aspect of the original Futakoi. What’s the point of having a series of twins that compete for a poor sap’s attention when it’s really just one set of twins? Why turn a perfectly good moe concept into, uh, just what genre is Futakoi Alt? Why go away from a winning moe twin pedigree? It wasn’t Futakoi anymore… Futakoi Alt is like The Next Karate Kid. Just not the same without Daniel-san.

Now Media Works is assaulting the moe genre with Strawberry Panic. The concept? Twelve (what’s with twelve BTW?) schoolgirls who love each other too much. Upon hearing about this, I thought of two logical paths: an H-title (which it definitely won’t be since this is Media Works we’re talking about) that features a female on female on female on… etc. The second is Mai Hime Lite… without the Survivor aspect… or the Childs… or the fighting… or the himes. Either way, how could this concept lose? Twelve girls in love with each other? Should be a slam dunk. But, with how badly Futakoi got botched in the anime transformation process, I have my doubts for Strawberry Panic‘s new series. Are they going to ruin the yuri moe goodness with some ridiculous farm animal? Are they going to introduce mecha space combat? Are they going give the main character some dumb doll to drag around? Hopefully, Media Works has learned its lesson from Futakoi and that trying to be too creative can sink the best of ideas. Please, keep it simple. Moe lesbian schoolgirl shenanigans 4tw.

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  1. They would do 13, but it’s considered bad luck for them. Just a speculation, of course.

  2. yay more yuri v(^o^)

  3. Is there a place I can get Japanese font support for Firefox? All that’s showing up is English letters with symbols above them.

  4. Should be built-in if you’re using Win XP. Go to VIEW -> CHARACTER ENCODING -> AUTO-DETECT -> JAPANESE.

  5. Danke much.

  6. I cant waiting to watching the movie (Strawberry Panic) episode… I am interest it. When it???

  7. Yuri!!!!!!!!! Wooty! I have high hopes for this! The art looks awsome and some of my fave seiyuu’s are in! btw, Yuri FTW! I guess…

    This sounds so bad! since i’m a girl myself….

  8. OOO yeah another one,, does anyone know how regularly its played???

  9. i saw first episode, OMG i love it already, its great, and its not bad if you’re a girl. im a girl too, i love the show, but its to be expected, i dont go for many shoujo-ai anime because im a lesbian with high standards, but this anime seems ok to me. plus shizume is hot!

  10. So there’s only one episode so far? Damnit, I finally find a good yuri that’s nót gross like hentai, and I have to wait before I get to see more episodes…
    Being a lesbian myself, I have to say Etoile is hot too!

  11. I just watched the first episode and wow I already love it! I cant wait to see more!!!

  12. Oh…um does anyone know when another espisode is going to be out? We lesbians need our Shoujo-ai…. ^_^;

  13. Nhahaha, indeed. :P There’s a second episode too now, but I can only find it with chinese subtitles. I watched it, but obviously I couldn’t understand most of what they were saying. :)

  14. Really? Where did you find the second episode? ;_; I will deal with not knowing what they are saying. lol

  15. You are very correct. Japanese Moe sure has gotten out of control since the dawn of P2P downloading and other such means. I recently saw the first episode and it has defenitly no story line so far. Like you said “12 girls on girls on girls………..and so on” is like japanese animation fetish to its fullest extent. The girls are cute, I can say that but it’s proably gonna be a bland story. It’ll just be popular amongst the fans because of the cute girls and the yuri story line.

  16. Go to and search for Strawberry Panick, there are episode 1 and 2 till now and with english subs. In the future there will probably be more episodes.

  17. yea I’ve seen episodes 1 and 2 on youtube ^_^ its so cute and funny I love it! I have my own group for strawberry panic/shoujo ai fans if anyone would like to join

  18. Yes! I want to join lol.
    How do I join?

  19. as far as i know ep 3 hasnt been subbed. im not sure when its released raw but l33t-raws usually provide the raw for the series and i didnt see episode 3 anywhere in the torrents, so it may not be out this week but perhaps next week.
    usually as soon as an episode is released on torrent you can find it on if you search strawberry panic
    for DDL, only narutofan plus has the recent episodes. sorry

  20. episode 3 is on

  21. If you want the latest eng subbed version, Doremi-fansubs is the one.

  22. lol just click on my name to join!

  23. I always like Yuri!!!
    Yayyy…Another Yuri……….

  24. Alright. . I’ve watched all of the episodes of Strawberry Panic released via bittorrent. I have to admit, it’s a lot like Mari-mite. . and the hentai “Cream Lemon.” Actually, they’re twins with different name. The biggest difference is there is much more shoujo-ai and detailed relationships. I love the series so far, being the yuri fangirl I am. . . I think that the conflicts within the story are a bit. . . stupid. (Oh no! I dropped my napkin! THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!) But.. other then that, the overall story line is good. :) I like the way it’s coming along. Oh, and might I add, the video of the two lesbians used for the end theme is sexy. :)

  25. i lov lesbians 2(even though im a guy) can i join any lesbian groups, i lov threesomes

  26. i ov ethis story d’best it was awesome more power and god bess ore japan….

    From rachelle @ d philippines.

  27. i love anime forever japan is the best more power and god bless 2 u all…..

    hope you will continue this lab yahhhhhhhhh…..

    rachelle @ d phiippines

  28. hey is there only 14 episodes for now? becuz i wud like to watch more..

  29. They should be coming out soon i download the episodes using bittorrent and like u i want to watch more as well i just love this series its so good!!!

  30. You know that youtube usualy has them uploaded after they are up on the web with english subs… ^^ This anime rocks and Shizuma is very sexy ^^;

  31. well its really great anime.. i’ve been looking forward to it.. im watching it every day and after i finish watching all the episodes im watching it again.. its really funny and cool.. i like it very much.. i love all the characters hir i really admire Shizuma she’s very pretty i love her so much and the student council president in Lerim is pretty too.. i like “shiruka minamoto”..

  32. i watch it ALL the time on Youtube.. but i need to wait a week for episode 19!!
    I wanna cry because i wanna know what happends to Nagisa chan xP
    does someone knows a other website where you can watch it to without waiting?


    ps : I LOVE IT =]

  33. well the episode 19 of strawberry panic is out now.. i juz finish watching it..

  34. Okay Iv just watched the 20th episode…..
    WHEN ARE THE REST COMING OUT! lol sorry but I gotta know what happens. If Im not mistaken I think there are like 26 episodes in all. So does anyone know when the rest will be out and sub in english? ;-;

  35. i was wondering i just got the esp sub and was wondering does anyone have a file with the english subs in which i can apply to it. if so contact

  36. any of you know where i can download all the episodes? i tried, but after i downloaded them, i couldnt access the file any more :(

  37. oh, here’s my e-mail, please do contact me if you know of any places where i can download them^^

  38. if you find out fuko pass on the info to me cos im haveing truble downloading them also

    does anyone else reccomend any other YURI ANIMES ^_^
    cuz ive enjoyed dem alot even tho im not lesbian lmao
    But yeah if yall kno if there are more then 26 eps or if theres another AMAZING YURI ANIME then pleasee click on my name and tell me!
    or just email me xD

    mkay bye(:

  40. yuri anime is the best who agree with me^^

  41. There are many others Yuri like Yami To Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Maria Sama Ga Miteru, Otome wa boku ni Koishiteru, and one of my favs is Kannaduki No Miko of course Strawberry my fav it is… and about the full 26 episodes i got them just there is left the 22 episode im so looking for and im complete if you want to have them there will b no problem to receive mail

  42. haha i tougth it would b published but its ciao

  43. First Incest, then twincest, now lesbiancest, what will mediaworks think of next?

  44. [quote comment=”39173″]hey is there only 14 episodes for now? becuz i wud like to watch more..[/quote]

    no- there’s 26 and if u type neoh into google and go onto it you can watch them all! yey! – does anyone know if there’s going to be any more episodes (after the 26) ?

  45. nono sorry it’s VEOH not neoh :)

  46. does nayone know if there’ll be more episodes of strawberry panic after the 26th?

  47. [quote comment=”41890″]i watch it ALL the time on Youtube.. but i need to wait a week for episode 19!!
    I wanna cry because i wanna know what happends to Nagisa chan xP
    does someone knows a other website where you can watch it to without waiting?


    ps : I LOVE IT =][/quote]

    um, u can go onto veoh (type it in google) and then u can watch them all whenever u want – XD do u think they’ll make more episodes (like a second series)?

  48. i really hope there’ll be more than 26 episodes they shud make series – tht wud be great! :)

  49. This anime had a great storyline and very emotional love stories.
    If you’re open-minded about yuri and want an emotional story, this is exactly what you’d want to watch.
    From about episode 19 ’till the last episode, I cried at least once per episode.
    It’s just that good!

    Anyways, if you want to watch the whole season, don’t go to youtube. They don’t have all of the episodes.
    Sign up at and search Strawberry Panic!
    They have every episode and you don’t have to watch it in parts, you get the whole episode.

    I hope they make a new season as well. It’s an amazing anime.

  50. If u wanna see more episodes go on They have all the episodes in english,japanese, spanish, etc. Plus I love this show it has so much yuri action in it!

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