mai otome 13

Arika’s seiyuu is Mika Kikuchi, and according to ANN, she likes Keroro Gunso and Britney Spears, a winning combination to be sure. She also has her own blog that seems to be infinitely more popular than the entire English anime blogging community combined, and for good reason. Have you seen what she looks like?


Now, isn’t this more interesting than “Yet another Kazu/Akane and the side effects of male protein” post?

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  1. LOL. I LMAO’ed on your ending sentence.

  2. Wow, that’s…wow. y hallo thar nipples.

  3. Now THAT is awesome! :)

  4. Hoho, nice find. What’s surprising to me is the HUGE difference between Arika and her seiyuu, looks and figure wise of course.

  5. mika kikuchi-you are the best!!! hope we have time to chat with each other in the net…. love you so much!!!!!!!!!

  6. wow …..

    I love Mika Kikuchi
    don`t ask my why ?
    because she beautiful girl and I love she voice , it like the child ^_^
    and I hope in the future see you to tell you
    you are very very beautiful
    I hope to good life for you
    and…… I love you ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

  7. hello umeko I am going to you to desir something I I love you ever since he watches to you in the computer I fall in love wth you pretty aorita estoi watching to you i my heart this barking I an going to give my meil ok chau I love you.

  8. hellou mika kikuchi estoi littel navigatel because fought con to me neighbor o mes flank because him Iva stick to my you betty I to take hold it and she throws puñete ro him when it was in him ground I take hold a chair I throw to me in the heand in the back they tanvien good chau I love you.

  9. hello mika I have notocias bad an good pdre to go to japan iI remain 20 years the bab one is my breast has 87 is this in the clinic of pur te boy to desir something au !casate comigo! as to quier momento you can know me I you conosco haora lack hat your me conosca

  10. boy abalar espanis mi gente esta en japon chau te alave you aaaaa

  11. lol sharaf, you dont need to say why we LOVE her, look at her pictures isnt she just plain.. awwwsome :d

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