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“Nekomimi junk!”

With Shana 13 and Otome 13 passing by this week, I think it’s time to revisit my original Thin Slicing the New Season and re-rank the shows based on their halfway performance.

Fall 2005 Halfway Power Rankings (Up Through Episode 13)

The Ranked

  1. Shakugan no Shana – still strong, and Kurogane reports good news on the new OP/ED. I’m shocked Chemistry and LEGOLGEL weren’t available to do an OP.
  2. Nanoha A’s – I’m actually sad and bummed that it ended. Good writing, great pacing, but I’m still not sold on Nanoha’s character design. Yes, it’s another happy and cheery ending, unless you’re a lolicon, then this ending probably won’t make you happy.
  3. Rozen Maiden Traumend – I’m so sorry for leaving this show off the original list. Maybe because I had a brainfart and didn’t think Suigintou would be back. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!
  4. Law and Order: Loli Demon Revenge Unit – please, Enma, smile for once.
  5. Mai Otome – no better caption fodder material. And have I mentioned how hawt Arika’s seiyuu is? I mean, it’s been 1 post!
  6. Karin – desperately needs a better male lead. Is Athrun doing anything these days? He’ll be the Ben Roethlisberger to Kenta’s Tommy Maddox.

Stuck in Purgatory

  • Ginban Kaleidoscope – This series is growing on me, and I’m scared. Triple lutz 4tw… oh my…
  • Noein – Haruka takes the least fanservicy baths in recent anime history.
  • Lamune – I’m actually kinda enjoying this ultra-bland harem series. Good in little, little doses.

The Purged

  • Aria – desperately needs a larger animation budget and fanservice. Even YKK had hawt girl on girl action.
  • Black Cat – snoozefest. Thanks Gonzo for butchering yet another franchise.
  • Blood+ – I have a new anime watching rule: only one vampire series at a time. Sorry Saya, you’re just not as cute as Karin.
  • Cluster Edge – AoMM gives the thumbs down to a shounen-ai series. Shocker!
  • To Heart 2 – even though Tamaki-neechan failed to save this series, could she save the Xbox 360?

2 Responses to “halfway rankings”

  1. >> Law and Order: Loli Demon Revenge Unit – please, Enma, smile for once.

    She smiles in episode 8 when she appears behind Hajime. Sort of.

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