new york times likes naruto

Well, it’s one thing for a tiny Malaysian newspaper to start equating anime with pr0n or for a small town Canadian newspaper, but I’m troubled by the following from the New York Times: This emphasis on storytelling and emotion shows through regardless of the underlying category – ninja, samurai, heavy-metal science fiction. The most impressive may be “Naruto,” which has the requisite fantastical premise. Wait, a grown man, whose probably older than me and writes for the New York Times thinks Naruto is an impressive anime and “captures childhood loneliness, longing and exuberance as well as anything on American television at the moment.” Is American TV that bad? Or is Naruto just that damn good? Are we watching the same Naruto? And no mention of the better shows that run on CN right now like One Piece (isn’t this right after Naruto?), Cowboy Bebop, and Trigun? Evangelion?

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  1. >> Is American TV that bad?

    Yes. It really is. 24 is the only thing worth watching. ;)

    As much as I now loathe Naruto, however, I have to give it credit for rekindling my interest in anime. It’s really not that bad of a series, and it’s golden as far as generic shounen garbage goes. I can see how someone without much anime knowledge under his belt could think of it as a “compelling coming-of-age story.”

  2. Can hardly blame NYTimes, when all you see on TV is pure reality TV crap. If not that, it’s just endless reruns of old teenage soaps. I have to ask though, Naruto’s got heavy-metal science fiction? Since when?

  3. though one piece in general is definitely better than naruto, the hacked-up edited dub version they are showing on CN is most definitely NOT better than the edited dub of Naruto.

  4. > Yes. It really is. 24 is the only thing worth watching.

    Only when you have fascist tendencies.

  5. thats why you people watch arrested development… as for the article, did anyone notice they said samurai champloo was about a ninja in training while showing a picture of fuu?

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