arika’s wings of words

Remember when I said, “I hope they don’t pull a Shinn/Kira with Arika/Mai.” Well, they just did. At least Crystal Energy is easier on the ears than Wings of Words. I think the greatest moment of anime would be for the last episode of Mai Otome to play Vestige during the inevitable Arika/Nina otome battle with a pink haro bouncing in the background. Then the loser of the battle would die in the “Meer Death Spiral” while Lacus sings Otome wa DO YOUR BEST deshou in the background. Can’t be topped. Not even by Mini-Shana.


(Okay, okay… I cheated on one.)

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  1. Oh Sunrise.

  2. *pukes in mouth*

    One of the pillars is even wearing a dorky mask…

  3. C’mon, I dare someone – replace the audio track with a Gundam SEED or SEED Destiny OP. You know you want to. :D

  4. What the!?! How can you compare Athrun to her?

    Anyways, thats a kickass parallel you drew up.

    Haesslich Says: “C’mon, I dare someone – replace the audio track with a Gundam SEED or SEED Destiny OP. You know you want to. :D” Ya never know maybe someone might release something like this on TT. Just like those guys that used the GSD 3rd OP vid and put Megumi Hayashibara’s “Northern Lights” and then labeled it as “GSD 4th OP” (Northern Lights would’ve been a better 4th OP, do you know how many times the word destiny is in that song?

  5. Haesslich, looks like someone *coughmoycough* took your suggestion to heart. I’ve just saw the Otome 2nd OP with Wings of Words as the audio track, and I MUST say…. it actually quite fits.

  6. Could you please tell where I can get the 2nd OP with Wings of Words. Please…

  7. i actually just finished making a version of the 2nd Mai otome op set to the second gundam seed opening, and the fit is almost perfect, but then for a lark i tried the opposite, crystal energy set to the animation for the second gundam seed op and the fit is absolutly perfect, if anyone wants to host ill upload them, its hilarious. i did no editing whatsover, these are just straight audio dubs. tried a few other ops of the same lenght as well, such as the erementar gerad opening, and air master, but the next closest fit was will from melody of oblivion. the trick is to just go into your itunes ( or whatever you use) and find all your anime songs that are around 1:28 long, works like a charm

  8. oor, i could be smart, remeber that i have a .mac account and just share them with you that way, let me know if these are playable on a PC

  9. Actually, the timing’s better with Invoke – if you trim off a second from the start, and two seconds in the middle, the action fits almost PERFECTLY.

  10. And one stupid question – what codec did you use? My QT player doesn’t recognize the video stream at all.

  11. hmm the one u cheated on, isnt that a clip from Magical Lyrical Nanoha? XD

  12. should be divx 5 for the video and mp3 for the audio, just grabbed the video straight from the op that i have, didnt re-encode. anyone else having trouble, i can re-encode them. hass, if you want to email me at, i can ul invoke that you made, or i may try and make it me self

  13. I just tried Quicktime and MPC – neither of them show video.

  14. O_o!

  15. >>


    I’m too lazy to dig through my old GS/D eps just for the intros, but I’m fairly sure that Nina/Sergay shot from OP1 in Otome is a ripoff of something from GS/D as well.

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