megami magazine 2/2006

I also picked up a copy of Megami while I was at Kinokuniya. Since I broke out the scanner for Suzu, I might as well scan a few interesting bits as well. Please note that my scanner is not large enough for the pinups. Continue for moe… err… more.

Cover… can’t go wrong with Saber

Did I miss something? When did this happen? Should I bother watching the remainder of DCSS?
Soul Link… looks… like Starship Operators

And Shana sweeps both the “Mahoro-class Breasts” and “Tsundere” categories. And this is before the introduction of Shana-tan.

Galaxy Angels 2 in two months. Uh, why did they reboot the cast? I want my Mint!

There were a lot of good pinups (eh, I got lazy and broke out my camera at this point):

Natsuki without Shizuru? Bizarro world?
Is it just me, or does Rie Tanaka only take the evil, sinister woman on the inside but likable, less-sinister woman on the outside roles now?
She’s still my Alice
*Drool* Luckily, someone was kind enough to stitch this together… high quality version.

7 Responses to “megami magazine 2/2006”

  1. Jason, unless you feel like banging your head against a desk, I suggest you avoid watching the rest of DCSS. You’ll be saving yourself time and brain cells!

  2. Mou, you were in Kinokuniya? I could have done with a trip over to J-Town.

  3. Oh god!

    If you don’t see DCSS final, where are you from then?

    LOL, nevermaind, just kidding… but is kinda obvius.

  4. you should watch the rest of D.C.S.S. if you want to evoke inside of yourself a burning, flaming desire to mutiliate its creators for ultimately making this abomination of an anime. ^^

  5. Now I just want to watch REC even more…

  6. Atropos, I went to the San Jose branch. I haven’t been to the SF branch since the one in SJ expanded. I’ll let you know if I ever go up to SF again. ^^;;

    moy, Syao, and fire… I thought the original DC was an abomination already. How can you get rid of Yoriko? Unforgivable. Misaki just isn’t a valid substitute.

  7. Wha…what did they do to Mint…

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