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Casual sex 4tw! Non-spineless, opportunistic male lead 4tw! Hawt twenty year old chix0r who looks like she’s fourteen 4tw! Matsumaru just leapfrogged Keiichi, Yukinari, Neggie, Reito, Wataru, Keitaro, Hayate, Taro, Hiroyuki, Kenji, Yuiichi, Ikuto, Athrun, Kouhei, Kouta, Shinji, Suguru, Yuuno, Shikimori, Yuji, and every other “Oh noes hawt woman in room with me, I have no idea what to do!” useless male lead.

If I had to power rank them, I’d go with Reito as most useless because Mai wanted him. Badly. Followed by Keiichi (Bell-frickin’-dandy) then Yuiichi (how do you choose Nemu over the Kotori/Yoriko bento combo?)… and he can’t kiss Nemu because Aisha’s around? See, Onizuka or Yoshitaka would be thinking threesome at this point, even if one’s his sister.


REC is about the flame-haired, red-hot-eyed flame haze seiyuu, Aka who stumbles onto Matsumaru (the more competent Onizuka/Yoshitaka), who is having a bad day… so she randomly decides to cheer him up with movie and beer. Afterwards, Matsumaru repays the favor with kindness when he stumbles onto Aka later that night, whose day just became a lot shittier. At first, I thought that REC would be like Maico 2010, but after seeing Matsumaru take full advantage of his situation, maybe this show won’t be that bad after all. Maybe anime just needs more casual sex and catch up with the Western media.

(BTW, REC airs with Binchou-tan. Juxtaposing the two shows is like going to church than playing an h-game afterwards. Okay, maybe not that bad.)

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  1. I don’t know about her looking 14, more like 17 or 18 to my eyes. In any event I thought her voice acting within the show was cute enough to get me to watch more episodes of REC.

  2. REC is cute. Only people just can’t stomach the secks.

  3. actually I can’t stomach the OP… :P

  4. Maybe it is the Hep Vaccine getting to me, but I agree with Symmetry in that she does look a bit underage. At least the intimate moment was implied and not graphically shown. I heard that this was only going to run for 9 eps so I guess that they had to hit the ground running.

  5. Its a good series, they cover the plot in 9 eps and the characters are like real people. Totally worth watching to the end. It is hard to tell how old Aka is, but thats the same for most anime characters.

    PS most of those guys are useless, but Hiroyuki gets laid plenty (play the game).

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