“is this pr0n?”

I had been catching up on my manga reading this week, and I just wanted to share some of my favorites.

5. Chobits— a luckless (and very perverted) college student finds a walking, talking computer named “Chii” in the trash one day home from cram school. Chii has no recollection of her past, but she also doesn’t have any modesty thus leading to boatloads of fanservice. There’s a weak plot threaded together by Chii’s past, and there are a lot of sidestories that try to convey the differences between androids and humans. There are also a lot of funny situations, like when Hideki leaves the pr0n on the TV when his teacher visits. Chobits is done by CLAMP, a group of women manga artists.

Is this pr0n? Chii gets nakkid– a lot– and she takes on a lot of adult jobs. Most of it, though, is for comic effect.

4. Azumanga Daioh— a four-panel gag strip about a group of schoolgirls and their crazy teachers as they progress through high school. There’s the (very) underaged Chiyo, the annoying Tomo, the luckless Yumi, but Osaka, the most clueless manga character ever, and Yukari-sensei, the teacher who acts like a three year old, steal the strip. They all have believable flaws, and they make the most mundane tasks funny. It’s also fast-paced, which I can’t say about the anime.

Is this pr0n? No, but don’t let that stop you from reading Azumanga.

3. Nagasarete Airantou— a recent discovery that I enjoy very much. It’s about a luckless (again) boy who tries to run away from home but instead gets stranded on a tropical island. It’s just that the island is populated soley by females, and they all want him “for dating and making out.” This, of course, sparks all out chaos and fanservice. All of the female characters all seem to be pandering to a certain audience… like the bandage-wearing girl who has her own hot springs and a pig named “Pork Chop” and the girl named “Chikage.”

Is this pr0n? There’s the mandatory bathing scenes, but overall it’s a lot lighter than LH and Chobits.

2. Love Hina— about a luckless (and perverted) college enterence exam flunkee– Keitaro– who made a promise to a girl he can’t remember anymore fifteen years ago to go to Tokyo U. He becomes the manager of a girl’s dorm, and he meets up with more than one girl who could potentially be the girl of his promises. The fact that there’s an open air bath connected to the Hinata Sou is a dead give-a-way to how much fanservice is packed into this series. A typical sequence would be Keitaro losing his balance, and on his way down, he grabs Naru’s swimsuit, then he proceeds to get pummeled by Naru.

Is this pr0n? As Kanako correctly points out, she could make millions selling tapes of Mutsumi.

1. Oh My Goddess!— Visit sba. But, in a nutshell, a luckless (sense a pattern here… ?) college student makes a wish for a goddess to be forever by his side. There’s really nothing special– most of the chapters deal with everyday events like buying a salt and pepper shaker or dealing with a stray dog.

Is this pr0n? *watches the OMG! fanboys beat up anyone who asks this question*

(OMG! by Dark Horse, LH by Tokyopop, NA by #choco)

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  1. well no… it just perverted