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For people complaining about the casual sex in REC, I think it’s worth pointing out that REC is a seinen manga series… much like Eden, Tenjou Tenge, and Toshiue no Hito. None of them are intended for kids, and one should be aware that they will have more mature content. It’s like renting Basic Instinct and not pay attention to that R-rating. Or picking up a copy of Afternoon and not know that there’s going to be nakiddness in it (just generally not for any page that Belldandy graces, unfortunately). Just think of REC as one would Ally McBeal.

Back onto REC, I’m not sure where this series is going. The beginning of the manga is basically just Matsumaru trying to score with Aka again, only to be rejected or interrupted each time. If the series is only nine episodes, I’m not sure if it will ever grow beyond this premise or if Matsumaru will succeed. The more interesting 90210-ish stuff doesn’t occur until deeper into the manga and chances look slim the show will get there considering it took two episodes to cover one chapter.

I can take some consolation that the show is cuter than the manga. This episode has our favorite flame haired, red hot eyed seiyuu trying out for Matsumaru’s commercial in a plot contrivance worthy of Sunrise. In the manga, she just gets the job and promptly acts like an ice queen to Matsumaru after their one night stand. With the anime, because she’s trying out, she just seems really cute doing so. “Umaiki!” And Matsumaru’s expression after hearing that Aka got the job seemed genuine… I’m not sure if it’s a “I’m happy for her” genuine or “I have a chance for more” genuine. Maybe a bit of both. “Umaiki!” And… of course… seeing her come back home waiting for Matsumaru, well, happy… sappy… cheerful. That pretty much sums up REC.

(Of course, now starts the race between Matsumaru and Yuji on who will get a gohobi next. Hopefully something other than melonpan.)

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  1. At least the sex was implicit and not graphically shown to insult my intelligence. Though I suppose even in Japan you can only get away with so much. Despite my near knee jerk reaction to the first ep I agree that this ep was rather cute.

    It will be intersting to see what they can pull of using the 7 x (1/2) episodes left.

    I am not a fan of any of the shows you mentioned so I can’t draw anything from your comparisons.

    -Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.

  2. Why did she keep saying that she is a voice actress’ “egg” in the first episode?! Was she trying to tell him something or was it just voice acting jargon?

  3. If i remember correctly it was something that one fansubber just put. Lunar translated it “in training”, bit more accurate i think.

  4. She does say “seiyuu no tamago” at the 5:04 mark which is “seiyuu’s egg” literally. But it’s a colloquialism for “yet to be born or debut.” Something like that.

  5. Wait… didn’t Matsumaru already get one ‘gohobi’ already? Yuji’s got none! 1-0 Matsumaru advantage! XD

  6. Now I see. Makes sense.

  7. um i have a ? does any1 know where i an read or download the Rec manga??

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