“the fragment of a pair’s promise”

“This close… here, with you there are various…”

Name: “Saihyou” Furies
Affiliation: Tomogama
Introduction: Volume 12 after Ball Masque arc
Role: Yet another member of Yuji’s ever-expanding harem (educated guess)

Since Furies (keeping the name in line with the mythological basing of other tomogara) isn’t in the OP, I’m guessing that the anime stops with Ball Masque… which was okay, until I found out yet another hawt girl is after Yuji. Of course, this brings up three questions:

1. Is there going to be another anime series/OVA/movie after the current series concludes?
2. If not, who can I bribe/blackmail/beg to make such a thing happen?
3. Where can I find this Shana bobblehead-thingamajig for sale? I want one!


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  1. A Shana St:Pinky figure?! sweet…

  2. moy, any clue to where to find one? Short of me hopping on a plane to Narita that is.

  3. Wait a second… shouldn’t the Furies be trying to kill Yuji, then, given that they’re tomogara? Or am I totally misreading this?

  4. I’m going to spoil it since I’m bitter over the internet.

    Reiji Maigo, or the rather, the engagement ring, is a hougu created to preserve the life of Mistess (Yohan) that Fires once loved.

    Since Yuuji has the Reiji Maigo he is more or less the reincarnation of Yohan.

    and thus the old flame errupts..

  5. Awesome, that explains why they introduced her as “a fragment of a pair’s promise.” “Fires” is also a better translation of the name, as I seemed to have cross-eyed myself with where the “i” went.

    Still, I want to know where to get that bobblehead. :(

  6. If there is a second anime season, I hope they fired whoever do the character design and replace it with whoever can draw the characters better. Especially if Yuuji is supposed to get more Harem. I’d have bought the Harem thing if the Yuuji in the anime has similar character design with the manga design above. But noooo. Yuuji in anime has fat face and looks kind of shorter in comparison to the manga version. In fact, everyone looks rounder in the anime and not as attractive as the manga.


    AFAIK, Yohan was sealed inside the Reiji Maigo after getting wounded by a Tomogara assasin. Fires eventually tries to revive him. It would probably be bad for Yuuji if she succeeds. I don’t think this arc has ended yet in the novels, so we don’t know what happens after that.

    Also, Yohan was supposed to be pretty powerful, so we can probably expect Yuuji to get stronger.

  8. You can probably find the pinky at HLJ eventually.

  9. Doh, meant to add this.
    It kinda sucks that they just re-colored the hair from the Aya Pinky, though. =/

  10. Well, Furies (or Fires or whatever the Romajied version says) looks pretty damn hot on her own.

    If Shana (and Kazumi) have some bones to pick with her… there should might as well be a 2nd season.

  11. wow thanks, i was jsut researching on who this was for my shana fan site :D

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